Public Health Interventions

�Discussion Topic 1: Public Health Interventions
Public health interventions may be population-based. For this Discussion, you will
analyze population based “public health intervention types.Compose a main post in
which you identify and describe your assigned public health intervention type on the
local, national, and international level”
Your initial response to each topic should be at least 200 words in length, Your
completed responses should follow the conventions of Standard American English
(correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). Your writing should be well ordered, logical, and
unified, as well as original and insightful. Your work should display superior content,
organization, style, and mechanics. When citing sources, please be sure to use APA style

Public Health Interventions

During these changing times, systems providing public health are constantly
challenged to keep their focus on the health of their community. Public health practice focuses
involves prevention of disease and disability. Through these practices, they promote the
health of the community and its members (Keller, Strohschein, & Briske, 2013) . Public health
intervention works in schools, homes, shelters, correctional facilities, out of vans, and dog
sleds. Regardless of where public health professional work they use a given set of
interventions to accomplish their goals (Keller, Strohschein, & Briske, 2013) .
The intervention wheel provides the population basis of all public interventions, the
three levels of public intervention (community, systems, and individual or family), and 17
types on interventions (Keller, Strohschein, & Briske, 2013) . The intervention techniques
comprise of surveillance, investigation of disease and threats to health, conducting outreach,
screening, case-finding, referral and following-up, management of cases, delegated functions,
providing teaching on health, offering counseling, consultation services, collaboration,
building coalitions, organizing the community, advocacy, social marketing, and developing
and enforcing policies (Keller, Strohschein, & Briske, 2013) .

The main post will be a cancer screening post where mass, periodic, and targeted will
be conducted. On a local level, community health nurses will be involved in conducting the
screening processes on the basis of an acquired family history. A public health nurse will be
appointed within the major hospitals. Their function will be offering free cancer screening
services. It will be in cooperation with the practitioners who will provide information to the
nurses of patients presenting such symptoms. Finally, on the international levels, campaigns
on health promotion through early screening will be set up through the social media and
establish sites that will provide information on the importance of early cancer screening in
prevention and care of cancer and general health promotion.


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