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Project 2 Jakes Auto Services regional manager notices that the sale of two type

Project 2
Jakes Auto Services regional manager notices that the sale of two types of tires have been sluggish for the last few business cycles. Atlas tires and Continental tires brands are lagging compared to rivals such as Michelin that sell at a similar price point.
Use the following Excel workbook that prepares you to analyze number-of-units-sold and total-sales for the two tire brands (Atlas tires and Continental tires). Data are reported by two retail outlets within the region as aggregate totals and are organized by month, beginning with January, for a period of 12 months.
Atlas Tires and Continental Tire Sale Excel File
Create a chart or graph that enables a reader to visually contrast and compare the data. Make sure to select a graphic technique that clearly communicates the results.The final product should be easy to read, properly labeled, clearly captioned, and accurately inserted into the final report. Follow APA style for in-text references to exhibits.
Prepare a statistical analysis that includes the following:
Calculate annual mean, median, and mode (if one exists) for each brand by store as well as for the region.
Calculate annual range, quartiles, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation for each brand by store as well as for the region.
Create a table that clearly denotes column and row headings for the calculated results. Properly insert the table into the managerial report. Follow APA style guidelines for in-text referencing of an exhibit.
Management has specific interest in the Main Street location sale of Atlas tires. The provided data distribution is considered normal; therefore, use the stores annual Atlas tire mean and standard deviation for your analysis. Determine the probability that on any one day the Main Street store would have:
greater than 50 Atlas tires,
fewer than 30 Atlas tires, and
between 40 Atlas tires and 80 Atlas tires.
Place the results into context relative to the stores overall Atlas tire sales when discussing sales performance.
Prepare a complete briefing that provides an objective analysis of your work.
Part 1 of your report should be a Results Section that delivers simply an explanation of the mathematics (using tables and graphs) and how results were obtained.
Part 2 of the report should consist of a Discussion Section of 250 to 350 words that interprets your results and details the meaning of your outcomes. The analysis must incorporate the illustrative information presented in your chart or graph by properly infusing numerical data in the discourse. Be sure to properly insert objects into the report using proper APA in-text reference style. You must submit your Excel spreadsheet as background support. [MO2.2, MO2.3]

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