Program of Study and the Professional Development Plan

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Program of Study and the Professional Development Plan

It is important for students with aspirations to pursue nursing to select programs of study
and a professional development plan that rhymes with their personal as well as professional
goals. This paper provides an in-depth description of my educational and professional
background. It further explores on my personal and professional goals as related to the course
and the practicum.
Education and professional background
The far I have reached, it has taken time. A brief history about my personal life and my
educational experiences will enhance your understanding of whom I am and my passion. I was
born in Washington 28 years ago. I got an opportunity to go to one of the best schools in the
State because of the courtesy of my parents who valued education. I respect and always
remember them for their determination and sacrifice to see that I went to a good school. I got an
opportunity to pursue higher education degree at the State. The nursing course took me two years
to complete; I decided to begin my profession in nursing to equip myself with the knowledge and
experience in the field. I could rather proceed on with further education, but my passion to put

into practice the knowledge I had acquired drove me to employment. I felt this was going to give
me a break for academics and equip me with more skills and knowledge on the job.
Nursing was my passion since my childhood. I graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of
Science in Nursing (BSN) from Kent University. As a fulltime student, I managed to score a
higher grade point average emerging the best student in the faculty. I decided to work at Mayo
clinic in endoscopy department amidst many offers by different organizations. I attended various
workshops and seminars on nurse management and patient care. I also received various
certifications in basic life support (BLS), Pediatric advanced life support (PALS) among many
These seminars and certificates acquired widened by knowledge scope making me more
effective and proficient nurse (Lyneham, 2013). I also was selected to take on the leadership role
of or team and other tools such as computer specialist, team leaders, admission, and educator. I
like challenging roles and this position as a leader gave me more the morale to pursue higher
education on leadership and administration.
Professional goals
My personal goal is to help impact society positively. My professional goal is to pursue
MSN with specialty in leadership and management. I find the mission and vision of the Walden
University a source of inspiration to me as it endeavors to equip skills in students for social
transformation. This degree will allow me not only to serve my family but the entire community
and people across the globe. Having served as a leader, I understand that a leader must be a
servant. I know the change awaiting me and I am ready for the challenge.
Course outcome

The course has helped me improve in many areas. The online program has allowed me to
meet my goals. The online program has equipped me with skills without having to attend a
classroom. This has enabled me to develop time management skills, resource management and
given me an opportunity to sharpen my communication skills. I also was able to sharpen my
American Psychological Association (APA) style writing skills. I have also developed my
technology skills through the course.
I believe practicum is an opportunity to demonstrate ones capability to serve. I have
planned for this since I was enrolled in the University. I prepared in advance. I contacted Alex
Robin a community leader and accepted my request. He will serve as my preceptor during my
practicum in one year.
I had waited on this opportunity and it is happening. The online program is one of my
interest courses, as it will help me shape up on my online experience and use of technology a
program of study that shows my previous education and plans for masters program I follow. I
will complete my degree in September 2014 as I look forward to expanding my knowledge at
Walden University.



Lyneham, J. (2013). A Conceptual Model for Medical- Surgical Nursing: Moving Toward an
International Clinical Specialty. MEDSURG Nursing, 22( 4): 215-26.