Professional morals

Describe your professional moral compass. As you write your paper, include the

  1. What personal, cultural, and spiritual values contribute to your worldview and
    philosophy of nursing? How do these values shape or influence your nursing practice?
  2. Define values, morals, and ethics in the context of your obligation to nursing practice.
    Explain how your personal values, philosophy, and worldview may conflict with your
    obligation to practice, creating an ethical dilemma.
  3. Reflect and share your own personal thoughts regarding the morals and ethical
    dilemmas you may face in the health care field. How do your personal views affect your
    behavior and your decision making?

Personal Ethics

Professional morals include the inner tool that acts as a conscious guide to how an individual
behaves in nursing practice. This inner tool is shaped not only by nurse education, but also by
the personal, spiritual and cultural values; which in turn are influenced by the worldview as
well as the nursing philosophies. Awareness of an individual culture values as well as beliefs
is important because it influences person’s attitudes as well as their behaviours. If an
individual values and desires conflict with the nursing philosophies, ethical dilemma occurs.
To overcome the challenges posed by these ethical dilemmas are often driven by the person’s
inspiration, loyalty, passion and motivation (Gaudine, LeFort, Lamb & Thorne, 2011).
a) Personal, cultural as well as spiritual value and how they influence my nursing practice

Personal Ethics
Since childhood, I have been instilled with great values of respecting and empathizing with
the human kind. This values have brought me to this far, and they contribute to the worldview
as well as the nursing practice philosophy. My main strengths include integrity and respect
for the others, which has helped me deliver quality care. My main motivation arises from the
struggles that I have experienced to be here, and the love that I have received from my family
and God (Jimenez-Herrera & Axelsson, 2014).
This has enabled me deliver family based care with utmost integrity and responsibility. This
has enabled me to remain consistent with my methods, principles and actions. My cultural
background has instilled disciplined, hard work and the ability to take responsibility in every
nursing practice, which have enabled me achieve my nursing practice. Showing respect to
the patient has helped improved patients dignity and confidentiality, thus improving patient-
nurse relationship (Wlodarczyk & Lazarewicz, 2011).
b) Values, morals as well as ethics as obliged by the nursing practice. How do personal
morals or values conflict with nursing practice obligation?
According to American Association of nursing outlines five essential values in nursing.
These include altruism which entails doing good with concerns for others. The other values
include autonomy which involves following the patient decisions thus enhancing the spirit of
self-determination. The issue of human dignity is critical, and it involves respect of the
person’s uniqueness, i.e. appreciating diversity within the population. Integrity value is
upheld, which involves being honesty and practicing in accordance of the stipulated code of
ethics and the nursing standard of practice. Social justice value is emphasized in nursing
practice. This entails upholding equality and to ensure that every person is treated with
equality and according to the USA law (Gaudine, LeFort, Lamb & Thorne, 2011).
The moral theories using in nursing frameworks includes the consequence-based theory,
which involves practicing activities that judge if the action is moral or not. The

Personal Ethics
utilitarianism which is sequence based, utility framework and the deontological framework
which emphasizes on individuals rights, obligations and duties. The relationship based
theories includes generosity, stress courage and commitment that natures and maintains
proper nurse patient relationship. The nursing morals include autonomy, which is entails
observing and respecting patient decision. This helps in ensuring that the nurses do not
disregard the patient’s statement regarding their subjective symptoms. The clients must
always give an informed consent to prove that they voluntarily agreed into the chosen
treatment approach (Wlodarczyk & Lazarewicz, 2011).
Nonmaleficence is the nurse duty to do no harm. The nurses are obliged to do good and to
perform practices that are beneficial to the client. Other obligation includes fairness and
justice, fidelity and veracity. The nurses must ensure that they tell the patient the truth and not
lie. The nursing code of ethics as established by ANA includes accountability- being
responsible for their actions and being ready to accept their consequences of their behaviour.
The nurses are expected to be responsible and to perform their tasks as obliged. This implies
that the ethical nurses are those who maintain rationale behind their each action and have the
capacity to recognize the standards that must be held (Jimenez-Herrera & Axelsson, 2014).
The nursing practice is a call for people with respect and humility. As a nurse, I am obliged
to serve patients with humility and respect. Additionally, I am obliged to follow procedures
and all nursing practice values and principles so as to serve the nursing ethical practice.
Sometimes may face ethical dilemmas. For instance, in some cases, there are unintentional
harms that could occur due to certain types of treatment such as adverse reaction to
medication, or the bruising of client by holding their arms tightly before they fall. This could
put me into big problem with the healthcare facility as they conflict with my principles and
the nursing moral values of nonmaleficence. For example, doing good such as advising
clients to do strenuous exercise, and then he develop health complication conflicts with the

Personal Ethics
moral obligation of beneficence. The moral obligation of veracity could be an issue, for
instance, consider telling wife who suffers dementia of her daughters diagnosis of cancer. In
such situations, the nurses are forced to be economical with truth (Kim, Han & Kim, 2014).
c) Reflection on morals and ethical dilemmas faced in the health care
Some of the morals and ethical dilemmas include the social and the technological changes.
For instance, the increased growth of consumerism, the large number of the uninsured
persons, the increased reconstruction of the healthcare systems and the issue of the health
care disparities places nurses at ethical dilemma. Technology is also facing huge challenges
and resistance from the society such as telemedicine to help with cardiovascular diseases.
Other challenges include conflicting loyalties as well as obligations between the client,
healthcare providers and the healthcare facility. For example, the nursing code of ethics
stipulates that nurse loyalty must always lie within the client’s principles, but in this era, the
hospitals expect the nurse loyalty to lie with their core values and missions. The issue of
sanctity of life and right for women to control their parity is also an ethical dilemma. The
issue of end of life, assisted suicide and euthanasia and terminating life sustaining treatments
health issues are controversial (Kim, Han & Kim, 2014).
PASSION: Why am I here?
I have been always been passionate about nursing because the career is rewarding physically
and emotionally. There is nothing as fulfilling as stepping into a person low moments and
making a difference during their vulnerabilities.
MOTIVATION: What moves me to act?
My motivation comes from the patients and clients to help them gain their health and
improve their quality of life. Helping people regain their way of life and person’s life please
the Almighty and motivates me to serve patients who are suffering.
INSPIRATION: What keeps me in motion?

Personal Ethics
My inspiration comes from the biographies of Florence Nightingale and Lady with Lamp
story. I am inspired by my spirituality and personal values and believe.
LOYALTY: Whom do I serve?
We are made in God’s image, I serve human beings, and thus I serve God.

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