Primary care

Evaluate all aspects of the nurse practitioner role such a provider, educator, and collaborator when providing primary care

Include in your discussion how your work with your preceptor in the clinical practice and your work done with your EBP have contributed to your development as a nurse in an advanced role

Here below, I have included two sample papers of how the writer will frame this last paper. The writer should carefully read all instructions and carefully write the paper accordingly. He must also include at least 4 references from pear review articles to supports all facts and must also take into consideration the topic we have been working on for the past week ”Lack of proper education on patient with type 2 diabetes”Sample paper1
I have had a great experience with my preceptor and my clinical practice. I have had more opportunities this term to do procedures, Paps/Pelvic, and wellness exams. I have really been able to link my practice setting with my EBP since diabetes education is basically nonexistent in my area.
Working on the EBP has really helped me be more comfortable with research and development of a program. I hope I can use these skills to develop and implement more programs in my future career.
As for my upcoming plans, I hope I can get my test taken soon after graduation. I already have a job lined up at my current clinical site working in the family physician office. I love this office and the schedule it offers me and am really excited to start this aspect of my career.
Sample paper 2
My work with my preceptor has been very beneficial to me as a student and a future NP. My preceptor on the first day alerted me that his plan was to utilize a constructivist approach to teaching and learning. The constructivist theory allows the learner to be able to gain meaning from past and current learning experiences and from those experience assists the learner to construct new knowledge (Ferrara, 2010). For example, at the beginning of each clinical day we would review all patient charts that were to be seen that day. Then once I reviewed the charts he would proceed to ask me what I know based on the patient history and request to be seen. This entire data gathering process was assisting me to be prepared to complete the patient visit and ultimately treat the patient if needed. It lead to long arduous days but it ultimately made me stronger that I will be a great NP. My preceptor provided me with the opportunity to appraise an individual or group’s health status using clinical reasoning skills when performing the health assessment and physical examination, formulating differential diagnosis, and ordering and interpreting diagnostics weekly. Each day a patient would present with an acute or chronic illness that required evaluation and treatment. I was able to devise an evidence-based and cost-effective evaluation and management plan for clients with primary care issues in class as well as with my EBP assignment. Based on the acute or chronic diagnosis I utilized EBP care to treat the patient. Third, I outlined community resources for clients and their caregivers to help establish, retain, and maintain health maintenance and health promotion activities. Once the patient was discharged the community resources were made available so that the patient could follow-up with care. Fourth, I ensured quality care through consultation, collaboration, continuing education, certification, and self-reflection. If a referral was needed the future NP would complete the needed documentation so the consultation could be made. Lastly, I was able to evaluate all aspects of the nurse practitioner role such a provider, educator, and collaborator when providing primary care. I was very proud of my progress to complete these duties while in clinic. I have met all course outcomes a this time. Throughout the term it was very tedious to stay on top of the EBP but it was very encouraging to see the project progress as the term came to an end. As I completed my clinical hours I was glad to see that the EBP was overlapping as I provided care. My preceptor was happy to see that all of the diagnosis and treatment were evidence based. As Facchiano & Snyder suggested (2012) the NP using researching findings in clinical practice. I was doing that this past term and will continue to do so in the future. The term was another test of my endurance and I am glad to say that I succeeded. As I learning more and more the evidence practice is occurring not only at my clinical site but community hospitals, magnet-affiliated hospitals, academic medical centers, private practice sites, and clinics; as well as in rural, suburban, and urban areas across the United States (Butler, 2011). From my readings and the program overall I have a strong understanding why. With evidence base care the healthcare is only expected to get better and provide the best outcomes possible to patients.
Butler, K. (2011). Nurse practitioners and evidence-based nursing practice. Clinical Scholars Review,
Facchiano, L., & Snyder, C. (2012). Evidence-based practice for the busy nurse practitioner: Part one: Relevance to clinical practice and clinical inquiry process. Journal Of The American Academy Of Nurse Practitioners, 24(10),
Ferrara, L. (2010). Integrating evidence-based practice with educational theory in clinical practice for nurse practitioners: bridging the theory practice gap. Research & Theory For Nursing Practice, 24(4), 213-216 4p.

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