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Please write the critique about the art in the photos also check the review to s

Please write the critique about the art in the photos also check the review to see some techniques would love to be involved in the essay. (all in the upload)
The critique should be a minimum of 500 words, and should not consist of a non-critical description of the work (to put it another way, if you see a play, dont tell me the story; if you see a painting, dont just tell me theres a yellow dog with two trees behind it, and a sunset, etc.). Instead, tell me how the artist used the techniques described in class to construct their work (for example, in the case of visual art, describe the use of line, color, space, etc.). Some other things to possibly discuss include whether or not you can discern or guess the artists intentions from the work or materials provided to you by the exhibitor? How well, in your opinion, did the artist succeed in achieving the goals of the work? What is something the artist did well? Did you have an emotional response to the work? If so, why? Can you think of anything the artist could have done to improve the work?

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