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Please respond to each of the mini case studies with a 2-3page explanation. You

Please respond to each of the mini case studies with a 2-3page explanation. You should use at least 6 resources in each case to supportyour position.
Mini Case Study 1
The employees of the Great Foods chain elect the FoodWorkers Union as their exclusive bargaining agent. Negotiations for an initialcollective bargaining agreement begin, but after six months, no agreement hasbeen reached. The company finds excess damage to merchandise in its warehouseand believes that this was intentional sabotage by dissident employees. Thecompany notifies the union representative that any employees doing such actswill be terminated, and the union, in turn, notifies the employees. Soonthereafter, a manager notices an employee in the flour sectionwhere he has noright to bemaking quick motions with his hands. The manager then finds severalbags of flour that have been cut. The employee is fired, whereupon a fellowemployee and union member leads more than two dozen employees in an immediatewalkout. The company discharges these employees and refuses to rehire them. Theemployees file a grievance with the NLRB. Are they entitled to get their jobsback? Why or why not?
Mini Case Study 2
American Shipbuilding Company has a shipyard in Chicago,Illinois. During winter months, it repairs ships operating on the Great Lakes,and the workers at the shipyard are represented by several different unions. In1961, the unions notified the company of their intention to seek a modificationof the current collective bargaining agreement. On five previous occasions,agreements had been preceded by strikes (including illegal strikes) that werecalled just after ships arrived in the shipyard for repairs. In this way, theunions had greatly increased their leverage in bargaining with the company.Because of this history, the company was anxious about the unions strikeplans. In August 1961, after extended negotiations, the company and the unionsreached an impasse. The company then decided to lay off most of the workers andsent the following notice: Because of the labor dispute which has beenunresolved since August of 1961, you are laid off until further notice. Theunions filed unfair labor practice charges with the NLRB. Did the companyengage in an unfair labor practice? Why or why not?

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