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Please reply to each discussion below: Discussion 1 CL As a nurse leader, strate

Please reply to each discussion below:
Discussion 1 CL
As a nurse leader, strategies I would recommend to foster an environment and culture of safety would include encouraging the reporting of adverse or near-miss events, ensuring that the facility’s basic safety protocols are in place, reminding everyone to keep up-to-date with the facility’s in-service training, and encouraging staff to be proactive in preventing any potential hazards from occurring such as spills (Regis College, 2018).
The structure of an organization impacts whatever recommendations I would have because it affects employee performance, determines how resources would be organized, affects communication and efficiency, etc. The underlying basis of an organizational structure is to clarify the roles and responsibilities of its members in order to achieve the organization’s goals. All of my recommendations are possible to do and fall within the role of a nurse leader.
Regis College. (2018, March 10). How to Ensure Patient Safety in a Health Care Setting. Regis College Online.
Discussion 2
The Sentinel Event Alert provides recommended safety actions health care organizations can take to address disparities and identify opportunities for improvement (The Joint Commission, 2021). As a nurse leader working on a floor where there are now more staffed new graduate nurses than experienced nurses, it would be necessary always to double-check medications with an experienced nurse. This strategy will help new grad nurses to prevent medication errors, learn common side effects and adverse effects, and know why the medication is being administered. Not only will this help avoid medication errors, but it will be used as a standard of care that could be implemented on the floor. I would also implement a buddy system to have a charge or experienced nurse attend NICU-related deliveries to ensure the correct steps to resuscitation, if needed, are implemented.
The organizational structure would be a formal structure. Formal structures are planned, communicated to staff, and are the way daily operations are carried out (Galen College of Nursing, n.d.). Due to the nature of the easy methods that could be implemented into everyday practices, this can easily be brought up during a staff meeting or shift huddle. Although these are minor changes, these changes can make enough of a significance to help influence policies or open up for discussion about what policies need to be amended.
Galen College of Nursing. (n.d.). Organizational structure and behaviors of healthcare systems.
The Joint Commission. (2021). The Joint Commission issues Sentinel Event Alert on addressing health care disparities.

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