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PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THIS ESSAY SOUND LIKE A ROBOT WROTE IT. I do not want it to sound overly smart to the point it’s confusing. I want a regular essay. Make it sound like a highschoolerwrote it. This is a missing assignment and I’ve attached an essay that was due after this one. Please let the opinions be the same. I want them both to be telling the same story. The professor’s intructions are:
For your assignment this week, please answer the following questions in essay form based on the first episode of the Series of John Adams.
1. How would you characterise the relationship between England and the American Colonies? Give examples to demonstrate.
2. What event occured to bring that became the cataylst for increased tensions between the crown (England) and the Colony of Boston? What was John Adams’ response to the inciting incident, and how would you charaterize his feeling toward the crown?
3. John Adams was asked to assume a very important office, what was the cause of his internal conflict, what was the decision he made, and ultimately why did he make the deicsion he did?
4. At the end of the episode the first continental was convened. Using information from the episode, and outside sources, why was the first continental congress convened, what was the end result of it?
Your 3-5 page paper is due at 11pm on Monday, March 21st. Have a good week, and stay safe. As a reminder, please use the questions above as a central thesis and guide to answer the broader question on the epsiode.

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