Topic: Discussion Topic 2: Plagiarism
Topic: Discussion Topic 2: Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the academic offenses that many students get involved in. It is using
someone’s ideas intentionally or unintentionally without acknowledging the source.
In using APA style one can avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing the information sourced
from others and through referencing and using of quotes (American Psychological Association,
2010). Information retrieved from other sources must be sufficiently acknowledged by using in
text citation and listing of the references at the end of the paper. Self- plagiarism may occur
during graduate studies when students reuse ideas from their already published papers without
acknowledging the source (Scanlon, 2007). It may also occur when the student or the writers
republishes former work in its entirety and presenting it as an original piece. This often occurs
because; the students may think that it is ethical to do that.
In this scenario, Dr. Smith should treat this as a plagiarism case. The fact that Jane used
quotes, the percentage of their use is beyond recommended level. Another thing is to ask Jane to
paraphrase the job and use quotes sparingly (The University of Chicago Press, 2010). Jane
committed an academic offense and should be advised on the use of quotes to ensure that she
does not commit such mistakes again. She should seek more information on plagiarism and make
correction on her subsequent papers.



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