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Part 1: Deep Dive Refined (1-2 pages) What is the issue that your group chose to

Part 1: Deep Dive Refined (1-2 pages)
What is the issue that your group chose to focus on? This is a mini literature review where you should cite 3-5 scholarly articles (these can be the same or different from those that you cited in your group’s Deep Dive assignment).
End this section with a clear statement of the issue and your stance on how you planned to take action related to this issue in your group.
Part 2: Connecting Problem in the World to Local Context (1-2 pages)
Summarize your group project. What organization did you choose? What community did your group hope to work with and why? Reflecting on the process of developing a project, how do you think it addresses power and systemic issues? What impact(s) do you think enacting this project could have on the community?
CITE COURSE READINGS ?the file is marked with “course readings” in front, don’t have to cite every readings?

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