Parietal lobe, Brain cortex, visual motor integration, Parkinson disease

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Parietal lobe, Brain cortex

The parietal lobe is located at the top region near the back of the brain. There are two parietal lobes – left and right parietal lobe. This part of the cerebral cortex is involved in vision, speech, sensation and interaction with other regions to connect sensory input from external environment and interpretation of the stimuli. Parietal lobe stroke occurs when the blood vessel supplying blood to this region ruptures or gets blocked. This interferes with sensation of the entire opposite sides.  This is because motor system of the brain is mainly found in the frontal lobes (Knoefel, 2011). It starts with promoter regions for coordination of complex movements to the primary motor cortex where output is transmitted into the spinal cord leading to contraction and movement of the muscles. The primary motor cortex located on the left side of the brain is responsible for the movement and muscle contractions in the right side of a person’s body and the primary motor cortex on the right controls movement of the left side. This explains why patient with right parietal stroke gets return of voluntary movement in the left hand (Migliaccio et al., 2014).

Parietal lobe, Brain cortex

The brain cortex consists of four regions known as lobes. The frontal lobe is responsible for solving skills, emotions, and selective attention behavior. On the other hand, the parietal lobes control sensations such as touch and pressure. Therefore, the indication of stroke will depend………….

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