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Papers must follow the guidelines identified in the APA 7th edition a REQUIRED b

Papers must follow the guidelines identified in the APA 7th edition a REQUIRED book for this course. The purpose of this assignment is: 1. to synthesize information on the role and specialized competencies of the Advanced Nursing Role utilizing primary and secondary sources of evidence and 2. Engage in scholarly writing.
The paper requires a minimum 15 references, minimal use of quotes, use of correct grammar and sentence structure, and organizational flow. The paper should use Times New Roman 12-point font, 1-1.5 inch margins and be double spaced (including references). Scholarly writing requires succinct and clear writing the paper should include all content of the rubric yet not be longer than 10 pages, excluding the title page, abstract and reference pages. The body of the paper with the designated sections and conclusion should be separated using Levels of Heading i.e. 1, 2, and/or 3 per APA 7th edition.
Title page (page 1) with Running head;
Abstract (< 300 words) (stands alone page 2); Introduction (4-6 sentences minimum) with a purpose statement; Advanced Nursing Role: History of the students Role Specialty ie: (PNP, FNP, Nurse Educator, Nursing Administration & Leadership etc.) ; DNP and/or MSN Essentials and Role; Role Specific Competencies (NONPF, AONL etc.) Strengths of the Advanced Nursing Role (differentiated from outcomes section), Barriers Facing the Advanced Nursing Role, Advanced Nursing Role and Policy; Advanced Nursing Role Outcomes Advanced Nursing Role Effect on Clinical Outcomes, Advanced Nursing Role Effect on Patient and Provider Satisfaction Outcomes Advanced Nursing Role Effect on Cost outcomes (use these titles as Level 1 or Level 2 headings) Conclusion (conclusion is a summary of paper with no new material or citations) References

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