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Paper | Graded – MUST USE TEMPLATE ATTACHED BELOW IN FILE CALLED WEEK3-paper. I have also attached the previous weeks papers as well.
Associated Objectives
Construct an extended marketing mix strategy using available market data
Describe a differentiation strategy
Achieving Differentiation and Competitive Advantage
This portion of your paper is a continuation of your strategic marketing analysis plan from previous weeks. You only need to submit this portion of your plan.
Part 1: Differentiation Strategy
Using the five factors of uniqueness, describe how your company/ product will differentiate itself from its competitors
Part 2: Marketing Mix: Traditional and Extended
Using the new marketing mix concept, prepare a narrative that meets the main ingredients for a successful traditional marketing mix (product, pricing strategies, communication strategies, and distribution strategies) and the extended marketing mix (people, processes, and physical evidence)
Parameters: One to two pages, excluding cover and reference pages, APA style, Times New Roman 12-pt. font, one-inch margins, double-spacing, and subheads. Format with a cover page and a reference page. Please support your paper with two to three academic references

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