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Paper #1 Choose an identified family stressor (substance abuse/addiction, incarc

Paper #1 Choose an identified family stressor (substance abuse/addiction, incarceration, divorce, domestic violence, mental illness, or any other issues) that some families might encounter. Based on your chosen stressor, Define the chosen stressor, List ways that it can negatively impact families, Explain the impact of COVID-19 on your chosen stressor, Provide statistics that support your claims of the negative impact on families, and List interventions that can further assist the family and explain why.
Paper must be written using APA format, 5 pages in length, and with a minimum of 4-5 references. Please have a cover page using the recommended style and cite the material using appropriate APA style for your citations and references. Please add a cover page and a reference page (so the paper will be 7 pages in length total). Please double space the paper and use 11 or 12 fonts (Times New Roman or Arial)
APA 7 is the requirement also there is a rubric that goes along with it as well

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