Childhood and Adolescent Obesity

Details: Obesity in the United States occurs at a greater prevalence than other developed nations—why is this? As part of the Healthy People 2020 initiative, obesity is highlighted in over 280 articles or webinars. Preventative guidelines are addressing obesity and nutritional status, and the USPSTF (United States Preventative Services Task Force) guidelines specifically recommend a […]

Case Study Obesity

Details: Evaluate the Health History and Medical Information for Mr. C., presented below. Based on this information, formulate a conclusion based on your evaluation, and complete the Critical Thinking Essay assignment, as instructed below. Health History and Medical Information Health History Mr. C., a 32-year-old single male, is seeking information at the outpatient center regarding […]

Food Addiction and Obesity

Details: Food addiction is a somewhat controversial term. When considering that obesity is a significant issue in any field of practice, the Advanced Practice Nurse must be aware of current research and treatment discussions. Watch the video in Week 8 Learning Materials from Dr. Mark Gold, who is a world-renowned expert on addiction-related diseases, and […]

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