Malaria in Myanmar

IntroductionMyanmar is a country situated in South East Asia and in the recent years the country hasexperienced an insurgence in the number of reported malaria cases with an estimated of thirtythousand reported cases annually. This has being mainly attributed to the rise of resistance toboth chloroquine and artemisinin. This resistance is mainly because in the […]

Safety score improvement

Develop a 3-5 page safety score improvement plan. ” Identify the health care setting and nursing unit of your choice in the title of the mitigation plan. For example, “Safety Score Improvement Plan for XYZ Rehabilitation Center.” ” You may choose to use information on a patient safety issue for the organization in which you […]

Nursing Leadership

Impact report Senior Leadership report Write a 5page impact report to senior leadership that identifies a nursing-related challenge, analyzes how it affects the organization from a nursing perspective, and details the new position. Each organization has a unique structure that impacts the behavior of the organization. In health care organizations, this impact is on the […]

Community Health Tuberclosis

Details: TB Preparation Suppose your organization is concerned about a number of health issues that have either affected an increased number of the residents in the community or show the probability of affecting a larger number of people in the population. Your organizational leaders have asked different health care professionals within the organization, including you, […]

Preventing heart failure patients’ frequent re-hospitalization

Order Instructions: Preventing heart failure patients’ frequent re-hospitalization Part 1 Submit a 2-3 page paper that explores the background of your issue. For this paper #1 you will be defining this issue or disease using the literature. It will end with the PICOT question. The parts of your paper should include: • Introduction • Definition […]


Session Long Project (SLP) Identify and explain the main sources of organizational power. Identify and explain the main influence strategies used by leaders. Analyze a contentious situation from your workplace for the strength of the sources of power being used by each party. For the Session Long Project this session you will be applying the […]

Disparity Analysis Chart

Details: As a health care professional, it is important not only to be aware of underserved populations but the similarities and differences among these populations. In this assignment, you will create a chart in Microsoft Word that profiles two minority populations, which can be selected from the options on the Office of Minority Health (OMH) […]

Captain of the Ship” Project – Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders

Details: Assignment 1: “Captain of the Ship” Project – Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders In earlier weeks, you were introduced to the concept of the “captain of the ship.” In this Assignment, you become the “captain of the ship” once again as you provide treatment recommendations and identify medical management, community support resources, and […]

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