Details: Individual Research Paper Guidelines The different types of research can be classified as Theoretical, Empirical, and Evaluation. Theoretical research is focused on explaining phenomena through the logical analysis and synthesis of theories, principles, and the results of other forms of research such as empirical studies. Empirical research is focused on testing conclusions related to […]

Environmental Toxins – ASSESSMENT 2

Details: Write a 3–4-page analysis on the impact of a selected toxin on human health. By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria: •Competency 2: Analyze the impact of contaminants in the environment to human health. ◦Analyze the impact of a toxic substance on human […]

Regulatory approval process comparison for the Endoskeleton TCS spinal medical implants with nanoLOCKTM technology

Details: A paper to compare the regulatory approval process between the EU and the USA for a medical device in the market that has use a new technology. Medical Device Name: Endoskeleton® TCS System New Technology: Endoskeleton spinal medical implants utilizes the nanoLOCKTM, which is a new manufacturing process surface technology treatment. The nanoLOCK® surface […]

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