Diagnosis, and ordering and interpreting diagnostics

COURSE OUTCOMES                                                                                     Course Outcomes: By the end of this course, you should be able to: 1.       Appraise an individual or group‘s health status using clinical reasoning skills when performing the health assessment and physical examination, formulating differential diagnosis, and ordering and interpreting diagnostics 2.       Devise an evidence-based and cost-effective evaluation and management plan for […]

Bias and Confounding

DescriptionDifferentiate between bias and confounding. Discuss the criteria necessary to establish afactor as a confounder and provide an example applying these criteria. What is one way toadjust for a confounding relationship in the study design or the analysis? Bias and Confounding Mainly, when examining the existing relationship between an explanatory factor and anoutcome, there is […]

Epidemiology article

DescriptionExplain the two major types of bias. Identify a peer-reviewed epidemiology article that discusses potential issues with bias as a limitation and discuss what could have been done to minimize the bias (exclude articles that combine multiple studies such as meta-analysis and systemic review articles). What are the implications of making inferences based on data […]

Renal Transplant Surgery

Base your initial post on the paragraph below, your readings and research on this topic.Renal transplant surgery is the oldest and most successful type of organ transplant yet theUnited Network for Organ sharing (UNOS) reports there are insufficient number ofavailable organs to meet the growing needs of individuals who require this surgicalprocedure. The source of […]

Adoption of Standardized Terminologies in Practice

Discussion-Adoption of Standardized Terminologies in Practice (graded)A standardized nursing terminology is going to be implemented in your practice setting(administration, education, research, practice). Based on your chosen specialty, whichstandardized terminology would most likely be adopted and why?CO 4: Assess the value of standardized terminologies in supporting nursing in all fourpractice settings. (POs 5, 11)When considering the […]

Management in health and social care facility

How can Total Quality Management help improve service provision in health and social care facility? Answer  Ensure that programs run as planned Question 2 List some of the  codes of ethics in your organization Application of principles of support- Cont… üPatient empowerment üContinuous improvement üFree accessibility to health and social care üIntegrity and social justice […]

Impact of nursing leadership on performance of nurses

Impact of nursing leadership on performance of nurses Abstract Creating conducive working environments for nurses will require fundamental changesthroughout the nursing units – in the manner personnel get deployed, work is designed and theculture of the healthcare organizations understanding of patient safety. These changes demand atype of leadership that has the capacity of transforming not […]

Chemotherapy Drugs Shortage

CHEMOTHERAPY DRUGS SHORTAGE 1Read the following articles:1- Mayer, D. K. (2012). Anatomy of a drug shortage. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing,16(2), 107-108.2- McKeever, A. E., Bloch, J. R., & Bratic, A. (2013). Drug shortages and the burden ofaccess to care: A critical issue affecting patients with cancer.Clinical Journal of OncologyNursing, 3- Food and Drug AdministrationIn […]

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