Breast Cancer Cost

Description “Coverage of mammograms for breast cancer screening is mandated by the Affordable Care Act, which provides that these be given without a co-pay or deductible beginning with plan years starting after August 1, 2012. This doesn’t apply to health plans that were in place before it was passed (called grandfathered plans). Those plans are […]

Breast Cancer Screening

CLC – Social Marketing Campaign Presentation Join Group This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment. Social marketing in public health involves the application of commercial marketing techniques to the planning and evaluation of behavior change interventions. Social marketing is also a planning framework that can be applied to health communication, stressing the importance of […]

Pancreatic cancer

Details: Using the CDC Wonder website, set the query criteria for pancreatic cancer for the United States as illustrated below. Compare the rates by race for Wisconsin and Colorado. Discuss possible biological, genetic, and environmental reasons for differences. What are potential social determinants that contribute to the disparity presented between the two states? Use this […]

Cervical cancer

Details: Research and present the pathophysiology of the disorder in a clear, well referenced manner. Your initial post should also include the following: REGARDING CERVICAL CANCER The most common presenting symptoms The manner in which your disorder is routinely diagnosed A standard treatment plan Link(s) to routine screening and treatment guidelines If national screening and […]

Breast Cancer

Differential Case Presentations Details: APA References less than 5 years old List 3 differential diagnosis for each and why you believe these to be solid options that should be considered by the provider. Copy and paste the patient scenarios into a word document and use bullet points below each patient for your differential diagnosis and […]

Lung Cancer

Historical Review of Epidemiology Details: Key individuals and historical events have helped shape the field of epidemiology. Research the following individuals and their roles in shaping contemporary epidemiology: 1.John Graunt 2.James Lind 3.Edward Jenner 4.Ignaz Semmelweis 5.John Snow Choose three of the individuals from your research. In a 1,000-1,250 word paper, describe the epidemiological advancements […]

Cancer drugs

Research and Pharmacology Details: In your professional nursing practice, you will likely encounter both patients and coworkers whose personal or cultural views on pharmacology may be quite different from your own. Understanding the most current research on pharmacological topics will help you make informed choices. For this assessment, imagine your supervisor asks you to write […]

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