The Human Resource Manager at the Public Health Organization

Final Project Part 3
In the Unit 3 Project, you identified public health organizations that you will contact for
possible volunteer field experience opportunities. This week you will practice your written
and verbal communication skills as you role-play in a couple of networking scenarios.
You will submit an example of your written and verbal communication. In this scenario,
you are contacting the public health organization for the first time to inquire about possible
volunteer field experience opportunities.
� Template Email: Compose a template email in which you introduce yourself to the
contact. In this email, please make sure to inquire about possible volunteer field experience
opportunities (formal and informal). Your goal is to “sell yourself” as a volunteer and asset
in order to complete educational requirements for a public health degree. At the end of the
email, please ask the contact for a convenient time to discuss this arrangement via

Submit your template email and practice call recording to the Dropbox for review.
Important note: You will not contact sites until PU550. Please save this information to your
computer and continue to prepare for PU550.

Networking with the public health organization to inquire about possible volunteer field

experience opportunities.

Email Template

TO: The Human Resource Manager at the Public Health Organization

SUBJECT: Inquiry about possible volunteer field experience opportunities


My name is , I am a student at the _____ University undertaking a degree
program in public health. Having joined the university four years ago, I have managed to acquire

a mass of theoretic knowledge which at times I have found prudent to share with my friends
during group discussions and symposiums (Jerrold & Shoshana, 2013). At times, I have found it
prudent to share the knowledge I have learnt in class with the people in the professional field so
as to hear their viewpoint on some basic healthcare concepts can be applied to real life.

As a result, this email is timely as it is induced by the need to seek affiliation with your
organization. I feel humbled by the realization that our school curriculum requires us to seek for
field experience before we fully satisfy the requirements set by the examinations board at our
university. Additionally, it is believed that voluntary internship opportunities provide students
with an opportunity to channel and focus their theoretic knowledge and concepts towards
practicality. Coupled with these two interchangeable factors, I wish to tender in my request for a
volunteer field experience opportunities. My areas of specialty range from doing voluntary
works in any healthcare related field but I will appreciate your information on the possible
volunteer field experience opportunities both formal and informal (Lagendijk, 2008).

I have always wanted to associate with your organization and its great team of employees
because of the reputation that they have managed to sustain for many years now. Having the
consideration of sustaining the organizational reputation, I pledge my allegiance to maintain that
code of conduct, good relations and high quality of job that has become synonymous with your
organization. Kindly let me know when it will be convenient to contact you via telephone so that
we discuss on the possible arrangements. Thanks in advance.

Yours faithfully


Practice Call Recording

Hello….is that the public health organization….kindly connect me with the Human Resource

My name is and I am a student at the University. My aim of calling
is to request for a possible volunteer field experience opportunities with your organization. This
is because your organization holds a good reputation for providing quality healthcare services.
Furthermore, my colleagues who have worked with your organization in the past have
recommended it to me because of the professionalism embedded into your organizational culture
(Arthur, 2012). It is because of these factors that I humbly request you to consider me for any
volunteer field experience opportunities which could be either formal or informal. My need for
the field opportunity experience opportunity is triggered by the curriculum which mandates that
students undertaking the Kindly, could there be a place for me in your organization?



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Jerrold, R. B. & Shoshana, R. (2013). Attachment and Dynamic Practice: An Integrative Guide
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