Stages of Program Planning

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Discussion Topic 1: Stages of Program Planning

In Figure 6.1, the planning and management process of public health programs is detailed. For this Discussion, select one stage of the public health program planning process. Then, select a public health program at the local, national, or international level. Compose a main post in which you analyzing this program planning step within the public health program you selected. Make connections with information explained in the readings assigned this week

Stages of Program Planning

In healthcare, various processes and activities require planning to ensure that they are implemented well. Planning, implementation and management becomes essential in ensuring that succeed is attained (Byrne, Keys, Schaffer & Solic, 2014). This paper analyses one of the stages in the planning process of the public health program.

 One of the stages that public health program goes through is meeting of key agencies to discuss on the project. This is very important stage and it marks the beginning of the entire process of setting up the project. There must be a need that triggered the calling of the members to discuss on the way forward about the project. The program that necessitated the calling of the meeting is to set up a community health facility to help reduce the number of children that die and become disabled because of poor accessibility to medical care. The center will have experienced pediatrician to help provide medication for the children most of the children are disabled from polio and many succumb to death because of lack of medical attention. This stage therefore, will ensure that all the stakeholders including, the leaders in the community, the fathers, mothers the nearby health officials come together to discuss on the way forward. In the meeting, all the stakeholders will be allowed to provide their own views and perspectives about the project and how it should be carried out. The members are to be given equal opportunity to ensure that they come up with an appropriate decision concerning the project and whether or not. The members will then be given an opportunity to go and think about it and then in the next meeting deliberate on their thoughts.

 In conclusion, planning is critical as it ensures that all the process and activities run on smoothly to ensure success.


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