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Peer-reviewed research

-Find one peer-reviewed research article on any subject in exercise science
-Summarize the article and provide a citation using APA format
-Why was this study interesting/how does it apply to your own life?
-Minimum of 500 words
-Include Reference page

VO2 Max Test

Different studies on exercise have been conducted by various researchers to help enhance
understanding on the impacts of exercises on an individual’s body. This paper provides a
summary of an article about exercises and its application to our daily life.
In the article, “Hormone Responses to an Acute Bout of Low Intensity Blood Flow
Restricted Resistance Exercise in College-Aged Females,” Eonho, Gregg, Daeyeol, Sherk,
Bembem, and Bemben (2014) aim at determining whether there is any difference between acute
hormone response to exercises and traditional high intensity resistance exercises in college-aged
women. A randomized crossover study involving 13 women aged 18- 25 years taking oral
contraceptives was used. Blood flow restriction (BFR) exercises involve restricting arterial blood
flow to the exercising muscles and occluding venous return which leads to poling of blood to the
lower limbs. The intensity of such exercises varies in terms of the strength of the repetition.
However, many studies utilize 20% of the repletion maximum as low intensity stimulus (Eonho
et al, 2014).
In the s study, it was established that acute BFR restricted resistance exercise helped to
stimulate similar increases in catabolic and anabolic hormone responses in the women under
study. The growth hormones and cortisol levels increased significantly, after the women did a
single bout of low intensity blood flow restricted exercises. The study also established no
significant variations in hormone responses between the traditional high intensity workload

protocol and the low intensity blood flow restricted protocol. It was further established that there
were similarities with the previous studies done among young men as patterns of hormone
responses remained consistent with the previous blood flow restriction. Therefore, the study
helps people to make decisive choices when undergoing exercise. Determining the kind of
exercises is very important as it affects the direction of blood flow.
The study therefore applies in our daily lives. There are various exercises that people
engage in and understanding the right exercise is very important. People also have different
needs when exercising and they will pay much attention to a specific part of muscles. Blood flow
restriction can be done by walking or resistance at low intensity and is essential in improving the
functioning of neuromuscular among people that are frail, elderly, sedentary, and those with
injuries. Becoming old is something or a process that every person must go through. Injuries are
also experienced in our life through road accidents and other ways. Such periods therefore
require that the intensities of exercise be reduced to help in regulating the blood flow as well as
muscle movement. Furthermore, this kind of exercises – low intensity resistance exercises –
helps in reducing mechanical stress usually placed or applied on the joints of the body.
Therefore, low intensity resistance exercises are very important in enhancing the health of a
person. Furthermore, conducting blood restricted resistance exercises helps in reducing oxygen
while at the same time increasing the lactate that helps in the stimulation of release of growth
hormones as well as early recruitment of high threshold muscle fibers in an individual.
In conclusion, the study has enhanced our understanding about low intensity blood flow
restricted resistance exercises and how they are helpful to individuals. This is a very effective
type of exercise that can be effective among the elderly people as well as those individuals with

injuries. The article is precise and in-depth. It is a credible source, which increases the wealth of
knowledge on exercises.


Eonho, K., Gregg, L., Daeyeol, K., Sherk, V., Bemben, M., & Bemben, D. (2014).Hormone
Responses to an Acute Bout of Low Intensity Blood Flow Restricted Resistance Exercise
in College-Aged Females. Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, 13(1):91-96.

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