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Faculty and Students in Distance Education

Present an issue that impacts distance-education learning. The selected issue can be a faculty issue, student issue, or administrative issue.

Examine the issue and its significance to distance education.

Assume that you are in a leadership position for the development of nursing or patient education. Propose ideas on how your organization can meet the challenges posed by the issue in order to continue providing quality distance-education learning. Support your proposal by incorporating evidence-based literature and relevant professional standards.


Chosen Issue in Distance Education, as Outlined in Course Description, is Described, Description of selected issue in distance learning is comprehensive and accurate.

Explores the Significance of the Issue and its Effect on Distance Education.Content is comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive in addressing the significance of selected issue and the effect it is having on distance education.

Proposes Strategies to Monitor or Resolve the Issue as Assumed from a Position of a Nursing or Patient Educator. Proposes strategies with supporting content that is comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive addressing the monitoring or resolving the issue as assumed from a position of nursing or patient educator. Strategies are based on both evidence-based practice and professional standards.

This assignment may be completed in

1. 1,000-1,250 words


3. In addition to the course materials, use at least four scholarly, peer-reviewed resources that are less than five years old.

Solid academic writing is expected for all presentation formats, and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines.

Faculty and Students in Distance Education

Distance learning has become one of the methods through which many people acquire their certificates. The concept of distance learning allows people to be equipped with skills and knowledge at their locality. Distance learning is made possible through different technologies including, mobile phones, note pads, and computers connected online. Even as the concept becomes popular, issues have arisen to whether indeed distance learning is a credible way of learning as opposed to traditional class learning. This paper delineates on one of the issues pertaining to distance learning, its significance to learning, and meeting challenges posed by the issue.

One administrative issue that impacts distance learning is the increasing number of enrolment in the online education learning program that would affect the level of quality and effectiveness. This increase in enrollment posses serious administrative challenges and, therefore, require that appropriate measures are put in place to ensure that students enrolling are well directed and informed (Amirault, 2012). The amount of responsibility that these administration officers will be required to expedite will be enormous, hence, requires a lot of attention and professionalism.  According to Hurst (2003), quoting from the International Data Corporation (IDC), distance learning is expected to grow by 33 percent every year in the coming five years and the number of students is geared to increase. Therefore, increased enrollment means that the responsibilities for the administrator are also increased.

This is an important issue in distance learning. Administrators play a key role in distance learning and with an increase in the number of students, they are likely to be overwhelmed. The increased number of students contributes to many issues that need to be addressed. Administrators are required to address students’ issues appropriately to ensure that the program succeeds.  Some of the aspects that concern students include issues on financial management, ensuring that students are able to access to quality education, and learning materials. Other issues that require to be addressed include course and program services, individual services, student financial aid, and the general quality of the learning processes (Rashid & Muhammad, 2011).  Administrators are as well required to ensure that they address issues requiring urgent address such as intellectual property , transfer and articulation of courses policies , partnerships, and regulations (Schauer et al., 2005). These are some of the duties and responsibilities that these administrators are required to carry out. Handling all these duties is an overwhelming task for the administrators and this is likely to compromise on their service delivery (Schauer et al., 2005).  Students have diverse issues and some of them may not be able to acquire relevant skills and knowledge through these programs because of some of the mishaps that may arise because of high numbers of enrollment.

As a leader of patient education, I believe that these challenges can be addressed to ensure that quality distance education services are provided.  One of the things that should be done is to ensure that before implementation of this distance learning education, the programs and courses and any other modalities should be well approached. There should be adequate planning on how the program will be provided (Schauer et al., 2005). In planning, the institution or the parties involved should evaluate their capacity to support the online learning. They must evaluate whether they have the right materials for learners and should also get approval from the various bodies charged with the mandate of overseeing online or distance learning education (Schauer et al., 2005). The administrators must also be adequately trained on the best way to render their services to ensure that the students are well served. There should also be enough resources in terms of finance and personnel to ensure that the company provides essential services to the number of students pursuing studies in various programs. The numbers of students in any given programs should be determined as to ensure that a substantial number is enrolled in a given program. This will ensure that the students are given adequate attention to enhance their learning and that the services provided to them are sufficient.

 Another consideration is to ensure that there are collaborative efforts between various departments, colleges, and central administrations (Schauer et al., 2005). The administration cannot work in isolation and it becomes important if all the stakeholders can come together and deliberate on the various aspects that concern the management of the student welfare and more so the increase in the number of students.  These collaborations are very essential in ensuring that the systems operate smoothly.

Leadership training is also important. The administrators should be trained on their responsibilities to ensure that they have the capability and skills to execute their tasks well (Schauer et al., 2005). They must be up to date and flexible for them to be in a position to render better services to the students.

There is also need to put in place mechanisms to regulate the number of students in these distance learning programs. This is important to avoid eradication of the traditional classroom learning which is also very important in inculcating skills and knowledge in students. By adopting these measures, it will help to ensure that there is regulation and appropriate mechanisms and procedures to be followed in providing these programs. Students will be able to receive better quality services from their administrators as they will have been equipped with requisite skills and knowledge that make them competent people to render their services (Khanlarian & Singh, 2014). The number of students will not be a concern as they will be given the attention that they deserve and through this, education will be of high quality.

Education has become one of the most sought things across the world. Technology has made it easier for people to get education through distance learning education programs. These programs, however, have various issues on the level of students, administration, and faculty that require proper address.  In the administrative level, an increase in enrolment is geared to cause some challenges in the management, hence, compromising on the effectiveness and quality of education provided. This is because of the many roles these administrators engage in and the complexities in the execution of their responsibility. Nevertheless, with proper planning and research and collaborations with other departments and institutions, appropriate policies and decisions can be reached, hence helping to alleviate the challenges. Therefore, it is very important that even though distance learning is gaining momentum and popularity, administrative issues should be well addressed. The standards and quality of education should never be compromised because of the number of students enrolling. The administrators should improvise modalities to deal with the situation to ensure that high quality education is achieved.


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Students’ characteristics, self-regulated learning, technology self-efficacy, and course outcomes in online learning.

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