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External Standards on Performance Management


Create a multimedia presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote) in which you do the following:

A. Diagram the internal processes that need attention in the scenario.

1. Analyze how applicable standards from external agencies would require current processes to be examined and changed.

2. Discuss how improved communication with customers may partially resolve the current problems.

3. Explain whether customer satisfaction should be a consideration in attending to these processes.

4. Discuss how coding productivity guidelines can be evaluated.

5. Illustrate how benchmarking could be used for supportive documentation to show quality improvement in the scenario.

B. Present the human resources issues that need attention.

1. Discuss the problems that need immediate attention.

2. Discuss how you would initiate a training program for new staff members.

3. Explain how you would promote professional development for existing staff members.

4. Illustrate how staff morale can be immediately improved in this situation.

C. Outline the elements needed for a quality improvement plan to address the problems presented in the scenario by doing the following:

1. Discuss what data must be gathered for this project.

2. Illustrate how to use the gathered data for benchmarking purposes.

3. Summarize how you would implement the project.

4. Discuss project time parameters.

a. Explain how you would keep staff members on a project timeline.

5. Propose indicators of quality you would use to monitor the project.

6. Summarize how you would evaluate project success.

Internal processes in Clearwater Orthopedics

This includes poor planning of work for employees; retention of employees seems impossible; little training is offered to new employees; overdependence on individual doctors; low wage pay for employees especially the new ones.

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External Standards on Performance Management

Structural measures: increase the capacity of the hospital due to increase in number of staff. Second place more staff in the front office to compliment Sally (USA Department of Health, 2011).

The process measures should entail avoiding dissemination of patient medical records without clear verification of the person. In such case, the outcome measures should ensure that one makes a good follow up of the clients.

Customer Communication

In an event of customer communication enhances good relationship, high retention rate and good wages for doctors.

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Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the main agenda in all hospitals than before (Merlino, 2013). They are the employer of the doctors; therefore, the customers’ wish should be the focus long before the internal processes are scrutinized.

Evaluation of Coding Productivity

Therefore, always ensure that the coding staff is part of the planning and execution process; important in ensuring efficiency

The second aspect is analyzing relative value unit. This would help in tracing the affected mixed index cases. Thirdly, the issue of stating the objectives at the start would help in avoiding mixed index

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Benchmarking for Supportive Documentation

Increase in wages and better working conditions just like successful firms. For example, the firm can give better terms to their employees. In addition, it can provide comfortable environment for the new employees to learn and grow.

Induction and development in successful firms; for example, the top management introduces the new employees to work. In most cases, the process makes a close follow up with the help of the old staff.

Outlining procedures are always clear in stable firms. For instance, use of precise procedures to ensure privacy of clients’ information. Access is limited.

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Human Resource Issues to be Addressed

  1. Immediate Problems to be addressed

Understaffing – there are few staff within the premise, coding officers have to at times help in front office. Sally has to do more than two jobs. Therefore, there is need to address the inability to retain new employees, low wages for the employees, and poor manager-employee relationship.

Training Program for New Employees

Establishing the company requirements towards the employee; designing a summary of all the topics the employee should know (Stark, 2010). The other aspect is the need to indentify and gather training materials. Thereafter, create an evaluation path for the new employees. The final step is to embark on the actual training.

Slide Seven

Ways to Professional Development of the Existing Staff.

Setting SMART in terms of career development; creation of business culture such as motivation and incentives; and organize specific training programs, both within and without (Ryans, Patton. 2006).

Ways of Improving Staff Morale.

Improving the worker’s morale calls of the top management to be willing to listen to the employees, offer the workers training; make the office and work fun to motivate the workers, ensure that the employees feel their job is the best, and give the employees some time out.

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Elements for a Quality Improvement Plan

There are a number of elements that quality improvement plan; among them being:

  1. Gathering Data

The organization should collect data on the amount of salaries paid to employees on former dates. The second aspect is to collect information on the reasons provided by employees who leave or are willing to the institution. The third aspect should entail gathering information on the past top management- employee relationships. The fourth aspect is to collect data on how customers feel about the institution.

How to use Data in Benchmarking

Data on past staff salaries, help establish a starting point in reviewing the salaries. Secondly, the information regarding quick leave should be used in employees management-employee relationship and building on training program. The customer data would gauge the type of service offered by the institution.

Implementation of the Project

The following procedure needs to be embraced first prepare all the resources required, coordinate all staff involved, and offer training

Slide Ten

The implementation of the project should also entail merging and verifying all the collected data; getting to action, and finally monitoring and evaluating.

Project Time Parameters

  • Training of new employees- 1months
  • Development of professionalism in existing staff- 1months
  • Improvement of staff morale- 2 months
  • Completion of project in 4 months

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Ways to Keep Staff on Project Timeline

First and foremost, always ensure that the employees realize the importance of schedules. There should also be regular milestones, creation of a channel to manage change, and ensuring that the staff is available.

Indicators of Quality Project Monitoring

  • Process indicators; measures all the project activities
  • Outcome indicators; measures the overall results of the project

Slide Twelve

  • Impact indicators; measures both short and long-term impact (Ndeke, 2011)


  • Formative evaluation; at the beginning of the project
  • Summative evaluation: at the end of the project
  • Qualitative methods
  • Quantities methods (Cook & Reichardt, 2010)
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