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Costing Services

A] Your completed responses should follow the conventions of Standard American
English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). Your writing should be well ordered, logical,
and unified, as well as original and insightful. Your work should display superior content,
organization, style, and mechanics. When citing sources, please be sure to use APA style
Your initial response to each topic should be at least 200 words in length.
Discussion Topic 1: Costing Services
Costing services involves contracts for services, evaluation of economics and discovering
methods for improvement. In this Discussion, select a country (other than the United States
and Canada). Describe the costing services in this countr

Costing Services

Costing services are important in enhancing service provision. These services involve
contracts for services, finding out amicable ways to improve on various aspects and evaluation of
economics to enhance understanding (Terzioglu & Chan, 2013). This paper describes the costing
services in enhancing healthcare in Kenya.
Healthcare is very critical for any government and it is therefore important to ensure that
appropriate facilities and procedures are in place to enhance service provision. Kenya is one of
the countries across the world that is ambitious in instituting health-financing reforms. To ensure
this is achieved, OPM was given the mandate to carry out a study on the Kenya essential package
of health (KEPH) (Oxford Policy Management, 2014). The costing model designed is based on
the health financing policy objectives as underlined in the ministry of health. Extensive meetings
involving national and international stakeholders to health sectors of Kenya has played a key role
in motivating and gaining support for the process. This process is important, as it will help in
finding out the most important areas in healthcare that require immediate improvement. It will

therefore improve the provision of health services in Kenya and at the same time ensure that
resources apportioned are utilized well to achieve the goals set.
Therefore, it is evident that costing service is a good approach in ensuring that processes
are well carried out to ensure their achievements. In this case, Kenya stands a better chance of
fulfilling and achieving its goals and healthcare reforms through cost services. An appropriate
package of health will promote accessibility and affordability of healthcare in Kenya and in the
long run people will be able to experience its effects.


Oxford Policy Management. (2014). Costing of Essential Health Services, Kenya.
Terzioglu, B., & Chan, E. (2013). Toward Understanding the Complexities of Service Costing: A
Review of Theory and Practice. Journal of Applied Management Accounting Research,
11(2): 29-44.

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