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Components of a healing hospital

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Read all readings for this module and research other articles or websites associated with the healing hospital paradigm. As you read, consider how this paradigm might influence your philosophy of care-giving. Any hospital with a healing component to its mission can be used as a resource.

Write an essay of 1,000-L,25O words in which you address the following:

L. Describe the components of healing hospitals and their relationship to spirituality.

2. What are the challenges of creating a healing environment in light of the barriers and complexities of the hospital environment?

3. lnclude at least one biblical passage or parable that you believe supports the concept of a healing hospital and provide rationale for your selection.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Remember that Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly source. This assignment uses a grading rubric. (Just like when writing an Obesity argumentative essay, our writers used scholarly sources to complete this paper)

Module and Research


A critical component of the healthcare system’s function is to help the sick and injured to recover from their ailments and injuries respectively. For the better part of the 20th century, this depended on modern medicine which resulted from endless research and development on different medical procedures and medicines. Prior to the advent of modern medicine the main approach that was used in the treatment of patients was traditional and this entailed a host of measures such as herbal and spiritual strategies. Today, some of these healthcare strategies that were once considered to be ancient are making a comeback. In the mainstream healthcare sector, these are manifested in the form of healing hospitals which lay emphasis on the spiritual component of healing rather than the medical and biological aspects of the recuperation process. This is because of the increasing significance of the intangible factors that surround diseases such as stress and a supportive environment.

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A healing hospital can therefore be defined as a healthcare facility that takes extra measures to ensure that the environment the patient is in will quicken the recovery period and at the same time make it more effective in improving the person’s overall health. A concept that the healing hospitals is based on is known as a healing environment and this is based on a healthcare establishment’s effort to maintain a physical environment that aids the patient to get better. This involves the development of relationships with patients so as to engage them for the purpose of following up on the process as well as assisting them through engagement of the patient’s spirituality (Fottler et al, 2000).

Components of a healing hospital

There are three components that will make a healthcare facility fit into the category of a healing hospital. These are the healing physical environment, the integration of work, design and technology and thirdly a culture that features intense love and care for the patient.

The physical healing environment entails much more than the usual provision of care for the patient. It also entails the close attention to relationships between the staff and the primary care givers of the patients. The environment also has to be aesthetically appealing and calm enough for the patients. (Coherence is important when writing your Obesity argumentative essay, just like in this paper, our writers will ensure your paper makes sense to the reader). Since the aim is to ensure the best environment for patients, the welfare needs of the staff are also adequately attended to.  The second component of integrating work design with technology is meant to ensure that the patients are accorded ample security and safety at all times when they are in the facility. With the use of this technology, the human resources are easily channeled to where they are most needed thus increasing the healing hospital’s efficiency. The third component of an intense loving environment is manifested through the application of compassionate relations with the patients by the staff that looks after them. This is meant to provide an atmosphere where holistic healing can take place. This is the consideration of the patient’s physical, emotional and most importantly spiritual aspects.

The above three components of healing hospitals come together to form the healing environment for patients to come and recover.

While the idea of healing hospitals is something very noble and worthwhile for the healthcare sector, several challenges exist in the way of these healthcare facilities. The first challenge that exists for healing environments is the fact that they patients come from diverse cultures and this makes it difficult for the staff to know where to draw the lines with respect to relating with the patients spiritually or emotionally. (Your Nursing school admission essay has to be submitted in time. Place an order for our writers to deliver before the deadline). While some cultures are very much open to this brand of healing, others will tend to be reserved and this leads to unnecessary conflicts between patients, their families and the healing hospitals.  What this leads to is an inconsistency in the manner that the staff relates with the patients causing instability in the system. This is because of the case by case strategy used in the running of these facilities.

Another challenge of the healing environment is the fact that it is capital intensive and this means that it requires a vast amount of money to set up compared to regular healthcare facilities. This is due to the increased focus on aesthetics and technology as means of facilitating the healing process (Huisman et al, 2012).

The fact that this is a relatively new and unexplored concept means that there is limited literature on the industry’s best practices as well as strategies that are currently being used. The literature that is used to support the concept of healing hospitals is largely ‘borrowed’ from other sectors of healthcare. These include the information on stress and its impacts on a patient’s healthcare. While this is appropriate and sufficient evidence for mitigation against stress, it is scarcely sufficient for the analysis of the actual impact of healing hospitals. The efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness of healing environments are yet to be effectively investigated empirically (Kamali and Abbas, 2012). (Strong facts and evidence to support your claims have to be used when writing your Nursing school admission essay)

The concept of healing hospitals draws support and inspiration from a variety of sources and one of them is the Bible. This is partly due to the fact that the healing environment considers the spiritual component of a person. One passage that brings this out is found in the book of Proverbs chapter 17:22. What the scripture states here is the following; “A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  It should be noted that the book of proverbs was written by a man who is considered to be the wisest who ever lived. Solomon is also recognized as the foremost critical thinker by all standards applicable. In the verse, the relationship between a person’s well-being physically is directly impacted by whatever is going on in the person’s spiritual aspect. This is very much in tandem with today’s discoveries about the negative impact that stress has on a person’s health. The drying of one’s bones is a direct indication of the weakening of one’s body. The healing hospitals through the healing environment that has been set up therefore work towards ensuring that an individual gets to have a cheerful heart. This is basically characterized by the alleviation of stress that an individual has (Arshinoff, 2011).

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In conclusion it can be stated that healthcare today is in a constant state of progress and at times progress entails the recalling of ideas that were previously considered to be outdated and impractical. The issue of spiritual healing used to be relied upon before modern medicine came to be. Through the healing hospitals, modern healthcare and the spiritual aspect come together for the good of the patient. The fact that these facilities are centered around the patient’s healing mean that they provide a better alternative to admission in hospital or home-based care for patients (Wrinkler et al, 2010).

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