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Portfolio: Career Corner
Part I
By completing this assignment, you will have achieved a certificate through USAID via
their Global Health Learning initiative. Upon completion of this assignment, please update
your LinkedIn Profile to reflect this training.
maintained by USAID). Locate the “certificate programs” section and open the “Cross
Cutting” section. Complete the “M&E Fundamentals” certificate. Submit your certificate
or a statement of completion to the Dropbox.
Source: M&E Fundamentals: USAID.

Portfolio: Career Corner

Statement of completion
I am gratified to have successfully completed a course in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
offered by USAID through their Global Health elearning Center platform. The course has
provided me with experiences that I have never experienced in other learning set ups.
Monitoring and evaluation course has given me an opportunity to understand in depth the course
and its basics. For the duration I have studied the course, I have been equipped with a range of
skills on multiple aspects that concerns Monitoring and Evaluation. Some of the aspects that I
have learned through the course includes, the meaning of monitoring and evaluation, how to
come up with monitoring and evaluation plan, M& E frameworks, data sources, indicators, data
collection and use of information or data collected.

Any program or project requires monitoring and evaluation to ensure that it progress well and
meets the set standards. Therefore, in many projects, their success rate is depended on how it is
implemented. Implementation requires one to have enough skills to ensure that the project begins
and completes successfully. Evaluation is also very important as it ensures that the project meets
the sets standards and in case of deviations, then corrections are made. I can therefore attest that I
am in position to carry out monitoring and evaluation processes in any project courtesy of this
I therefore take this opportunity to render my gratitude to the USAID for its commitment and
determination to impact skills and knowledge to people across the world . I furthermore, tender
my appreciation to the course authors Nina Frankel and Anastasia Gage for their continued
support. May God bless you as you work hard to ensure that many people across the globe
acquire these very important skills in Monitoring and Evaluation.



M&E Fundamentals: USAID.