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Adler psychology theory,

When Nursing essay writing this paper, Reflect on which theory or group of theories most resonate with you. What are the core assumptions about human nature and therapeutic change that you have in common with this theory or group of theories?

Identify a theory or group of theories that most resonates with you, establishing your personal theoretical foundation.

Our Nursing essay writing professionals had the following theories to pick from;

1. Eclectic

2. Adlerian- Alder’s Individual Psychology Theory

3. Behavioral theory

4. Gestalt Theory

5. Existentialism

6. Psychodynamic Theories

7. Person-Centered-Therapy

8. Theoretical applications

9. Integrative

The following testimonial was used by our Nursing essay writing professionals on this paper:

** (I am a survivor of childhood and adult abuse, to include molestation, beatings, verbal, emotional, and spiritual abuse. I have Bipolar, MDD, PTSD, and Anxiety-panic disorder. I have three children; two children addicted to drugs they have children taken from them by the state. First husband was schizophrenic-deceased; son is also schizophrenic in prison. I am 58 married for 26 years. Have 8 grandchildren. My goal is to work with women survivors of abuse after I graduate with an MS degree in Mental Health and after taking the state License test. Being open, honest, respectful, non-biased, and caring are things I have in common with this group of theories.) I have had 3 back surgeries to include fusion and hardware causing me to leave my 20 year career as an LPN, I served in the Army as a Combat Medic, and I have a combination of Fibromyalgia and Sjogrens Syndrome, Diabetes II, and Graves. My children all have mental health disorders as do my 4 siblings, both of my parents-deceased, and my 8 grandchildren. Both sets of grandfathers and my maternal grandmother also had mental health issues. Many Aunts, Uncles and cousins on both parents’ sides have mental health issues. It is the genetic history of my family and me that led me to return to school to obtain a degree in mental health.)**



            According to Adler psychology theory, a personality trait of an individual is derived from three forces: societal, love-related and vocational forces. (Just like in this paper, Nursing essay writing should have a clear topic sentence). Also, theories of personality like biological theories suggest that genetics is responsible for personality of an individual. Moreso, according to person-centered therapy (PCT), they help an individual to realize how their attitudes, feelings and behavior are being depressingly affected. Additionally, theoretical applications argue that justice, equality and fairness are central concerns of everyday life. Furthermore, integrative psychotherapy argues that it is possible for people to face every moment of life frankly and newly through integration. As such, this essay will resonate my life with the above stated theories.

            According to Adler when people are encouraged, they give up or accept defeat easily (Richfield, 2014). As the theory states, it was the same case to my life where I was verbally, emotionally and spiritually abused. In continuation, biological theory states that the character trait of an individual is affected by genetics. According to Kendra, the research on heritability suggests that there is a link between genetics and personality traits. This theory is correct as most my relatives including my aunts, uncles and cousins have a mental problem and that’s why I went back to school to pursue medical health. Also, health behavioral change can help reduce human diseases through prevention (Susan, 2013). I quitted my job as a LPN as a way of behavioral change since I was suffering from diabetes II and graves.

(Each paragraph should have a single, clear central idea that is related to the main topic. Our Nursing paper writing service satisfies all the requirements for your paper to score maximum points)

            According to person-centered therapy (PCT), they can assist individual realize how their behaviors and attitudes affect them negatively. Through these therapies, it is possible to encourage someone and make a good person out of a bad people (Kendra, 2014). Moreso, the therapies believe that clients are capable of achieving their own possible growth (Greg, 2011). Also, according to psychodynamic therapy, the client is supposed to know the influence of past and the effect it has on the present behavior (Jim, 2013). As such, am hoping to join a group of women who survived from abuse so as to encourage others and make good people out of them.

            Furthermore, a theoretical application claims that there must be a fair distribution of resources in the society and justice and equality must be maintained in whichever case. This argument is correct since one of my sons is jailed as a way of seeking justice. Of the same importance is integrative psychotherapy that states it is essential for a person to face each moment openly and freshly through integration (IIPA, 2014). As such, I am open, honest, respectful, non-biased and biased which are qualities required for one to join the group of survivor women. Lastly, existential therapy argues that it is important to understand people’s position by clarifying what it means to live (Emmy, 2009). As such, I survived during my childhood with a lot of beatings.

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            In a conclusive voice, therefore, it is possible to rehabilitate someone through PCT while the personal trait of an individual is determined by their genetics, as well as the societal, love-related and vocational forces. Moreover, justice, fairness and equality must be maintained no matter the case since they are the core issues of the everyday lives while it is also important to face any moment of life with openness and honesty.

(Our Nursing paper writing service will ensure all the sources used to write your paper are scholarly, peer reviewed and relevant)


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