Nursing Leaders as Change Agents at the Public Policy Table

Nursing Leaders as Change Agents at the Public Policy Table
Throughout the policy change proposal paper, you have had many opportunities to debate
public policy related to health reform. As an advance practicing nurse, explain how you see
your role as a public policy change agent. Has your thinking changed since you started
written your policy change paper from the first week, and if so, how?

Nursing Leaders as Change Agents at the Public Policy Table
Reforms are part of the public policy initiatives aimed at improving provision of
healthcare. As an Advance Nurse Practitioner, I can say that my role as a public policy change
agent has been beyond approach. I have participated in the reforms by providing information and
suggestions on the best decisions to ensure that reforms benefit the target members of the society
(Benton, 2012). Most of the time I have, depended on evidence based research to gather
information about the need for reforms and the best strategies to inform the same.
My role as a policy change agent has been as a leader. I took a leading role in guiding
the team members and providing a conducive environment for the team to deliberate on the best
options and decisions. This opportunity to me has opened my scope of thinking and
understanding about public policy and the need to championing reforms in healthcare to ensure
that quality care is accessed by all the people (Lockett et al., 2014).
This opportunity to write a policy paper has not only allowed me to explore on the public
health challenges but it has changed my thinking in many ways. From the onset of the paper

from the first week, I must attest that it has been a fulfilling experience. The opportunity has
enabled me to think deeper and to analyze more information on the topic. This analysis allowed
me widened my scope of thinking. Through brainstorming and closer interrogation of various
literatures, it was possible to come up with different strategies that allowed me to come up with
appropriate tactics and strategies to formulate and institute policy change at manageable cost
(Jadelhack, 2012).
This experience has therefore, to greater magnitude helped me to have a deeper
understanding of reforms in public policy and the appropriate strategies to implement the
reforms to ensure success.



Benton, D. (2012). Advocating Globally to Shape Policy and Strengthen Nursing’s Influence.
Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 17(1): 1-1.
Jadelhack, R. (2012). Health promotion in nursing and cost-effectiveness. Journal of Cultural
Diversity, 19(2): 65-68
Lockett, A. et al., (2014). The influence of social position on sensemaking about organizational
change. Academy of Management Journal, 57(4): 1102-1129.

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