Nursing Leaders as Change Agents at the Public Policy Table

Nursing Leaders as Change Agents at the Public Policy Table

Explain your understanding of any relationship between public policy, ideology, and health
reform in the U.S

Nursing Leaders as Change Agents at the Public Policy Table

Nurse leaders have a responsibility to ensure that better quality healthcare is provided.
They are essential as change agents when it comes to issues concerning healthcare. Public policy,
ideology, and health reforms relate in many ways and as nurse agents, they must play their roles
as leaders to ensure that these changes conform to the set standards in provision of healthcare
(Mello et al., 2013). The paper delineates on the relationship between ideology, public policy,
and health reforms.
In the U.S, the health reform initiative elicited mixed reactions from various political
factions. Some quarters agitated for the reforms as this could help reduce costs of accessing
healthcare and ensure quality (Stanford University, 2014). On the other side, others opposed
these reforms arguing that they could not impact on health care. Ideologies held by different
political parties as well as individuals on healthcare in the US also do vary. To many, they
believe that all individuals or citizens have equals rights to access to quality healthcare at a
reduced cost. Public policy as well champions equal accessibility to health care (Mello et al.,
2013). All people, regardless of their economic or social statuses or even political inclinations

have equal rights to access better quality health care. Therefore, I do believe that, these three
concepts relate in the manner they approach and even view the aspect of healthcare in US. Public
policy provides a platform on what the members of the public expect the health institution to
operate and render its functions. Ideologies as well define how health care is to be provided and
health reforms give a framework on improving and ensuring that better healthcare is accessed
Therefore, these three concepts are essential in creating an environment that is able to
impact on the health care in the US. Nurses as change agents have the responsibility to examine
and review the public policy, as well as various ideologies to be in a position to provide better
quality healthcare.



Mello, M et al., (2013). Critical Opportunities for Public Health Law: A Call for Action.
American Journal of Public Health, 103(11): 1979-1988

Stanford University. (2014). Beyond ideology: Philosophy, public policy, and health care reform.

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