Needs of the Community Community & Public Health Nursing

W2 Clinical Assignment: Assess the Needs of the Community
Community & Public Health Nursing
Assess the Needs of the Community
Data Gathering: Data can come from a variety of sources and can include the following:
� Demographics of the community
� Vital statistics
� Previously conducted surveys
� Information from state and local health departments
The paper will use prince Georges County in Maryland as its community in question.

Community Needs Assessment: Prince George’s County

Needs assessment is a vital practice in communities as it allows stakeholders to identify
gaps and work toward their closure. It is through needs assessment that parties identify problems
and seek measures of addressing them. The utilization of the results that need assessment studies
reveal could facilitate developments in communities. The process is usually systematic, and it is
the desire to improve living conditions and other aspects of life that motivates the personnel that
conducts the assessments. In most communities, needs could be relative, perceived, or expressed.
Prince George’s County has people of varied origin, and Hispanics and African-Americans
constitute the majority. 98% of the county’s population was residing in the urban in the year
2012, and only 2% of the total population dwelled in rural areas (Onboard Informatics, 2015).
Males constitute 44% of the population while females make up the remaining 56%. According to
studies, the mean weight of men in the county is 198 pounds while that of females is 172 pounds
(Onboard Informatics, 2015). The population recorded a score of 3.6 on general health, and,
therefore, the county hits the average mark. The studies indicated that more than 70% of the


residents engage in frequent physical activities (Onboard Informatics, 2015). The studies also
showed that less than half of the population smoked cigarettes, and almost a three-quarter of the
adults took alcohol (Onboard Informatics, 2015).
There are varied forms of needs in Prince Georges. Public health is among the areas where
the residents of Prince George’s express needs. For instance, the community requires an
enhancement of health care accessibility. Raised cost of services hinders a significant population
from accessing medical care. Measures such as making prescription medications cheaper could
promote the accessibility of health care. There is also a considerably uninsured population in the
county, and extending cover to such persons could promote care accessibility. Focusing on the
needs of the elderly could also offer an efficient measure toward the enhancement of care
accessibility. The county has a considerably large population that is beyond sixty-five years, and
supporting them could have a substantial impact on the community’s public health sector.
There is also a need for stakeholders to offer intensive education to the residents of the
region. For instance, stakeholders could make the population aware of health hazards that could
present in their area. There is a need to inform the residents of the appropriate livelihood to adopt
so as to avoid diseases. From the demographics, an appreciable percentage undertakes physical
activities, and educators could encourage more residents to pursue the approach (Onboard
Informatics, 2015). The population also needs education on chronic ailments. It could be
necessary to warn the residents of Prince Georges against practices that could predispose them to
terminal illnesses.
There is a need to reduce alcohol consumption among residents of Prince Georges. About
80% of the adult population is alcoholic, yet the practice comes with adverse effects on the


health of the alcohol users (Onboard Informatics, 2015). The community should understand the
conditions associated with alcohol use.
The community also constitutes of people of varied origins, and there could be a
possibility of discrimination in care access on the basis of people’s origin. Therefore, there is a
need for leaders and health care practitioners to ensure that they offer services beyond racial
considerations. Stakeholders should ensure that community members access standard care
without racial barriers.


Onboard Informatics. (2015). Prince George’s County, MD.

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