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must have at least two references from the book and one resource from an outside

must have at least two references from the book and one resource from an outside source. Do not use Wikipedia as an outside source, use legitimate sources such as Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, and/or the Washington Post, for example.
Students will select a person in their community or organization that BEST exemplifies their idea of a leader. Describe what attracted the student to this person. Also, the attributes/characteristics of this leader and how he/she adds value to their life, community, or organization, its people and those he/she seeks to serve will be assessed. The primary focus is their leadership attributes/characteristics, not their life story.
Students will then describe the things he/she will need to do (i.e., actions the student must take or changes the student must make) within the next two years to position themselves to be a more effective and efficient leader. For example: what in my community or organization could I do that would truly make a difference? How can I truly set an example?

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