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Management in health and social care facility

How can Total Quality Management help improve service provision in health and social care facility?


 Ensure that programs run as planned

Question 2

List some of the  codes of ethics in your organization

Application of principles of support- Cont… üPatient empowerment üContinuous improvement üFree accessibility to health and social care üIntegrity and social justice in service delivery üCarrying out of assessment risks  before any course of action is taken

Procedures for protecting patients, clients, and colleague from harm üDifferent strategies and methods are used to protect harms such as physical, emotional and mental etc üThese harms are protected  through personalized care, Risk assessment and management üOther ways include, setting up of rules, policies and procedures, and Training of the staffs and patients

Ways of avoiding harm in health and social care  ü Ensuring proper record management ü Raising alarm üReferrals to other facilities that have good equipments üThrough partnerships

Person-centred approaches

Advantages üThe approach empowers the client. This approach has various benefits. They include; üIt allows openness among the patients üIt helps to aid the work of health and social care providers üIt as well impacts positively on the physical, emotional and the wellbeing of the patients impacting on their recovery.

Ethical dilemmas and conflicts during provision of care üNegligence of patients by health and social care provider üLack of informed consent during treatment üIndividual versus others rights üLimitation of confidentiality üFamily conflicts on medical decisions üGaining informed consent üEnd of life decisions üAccess of resources of the elderly and the mentally ill üMedical errors ü subject participation in research üEthics of surgical innovation etc.

A case scenario on ethical dilemma and conflicts üIn the case provided, it is  evident that  indeed  there is a conflict and ethical dilemma v üThe services offered are below threshold hence prompting conflict üService providers are neglecting their duties üThere is lack of concern as the hygiene of  patients is in jeopardy

Evaluation of this presentation üThe presentation was good üUsing PowerPoint enhances easy understanding üThe presentation is also visual and therefore easy to follow üIt is important however, to use credible source of information and acknowledge the same to make the arguments more stronger

LO2 Impact of policy, legislation, regulation, codes of practice and standards on organisation policy and practice

Implementation of policies, legislations, and code of practice relevant to own work üIs important to carryout an survey or research  to understand the situation before implementing the policies üThe policies should be scrutinized and interpreted by independent organs üThere is also need to follow up and monitor the process of implementation üTraining on codes and legislations is also important to ensure that people  understand the same..

Developing local policies and procedures in accordance with national and policy requirements üThis can be achieved through developing of working documents that are critical in highlighting the issues on ground ü üIs also important to establish local demographics  in line with the national policy regulations üThis can as well be achieved through consultations of stakeholders  at both levels üThe existing policies can be modified to suit or to be in tandem  with the national policy ü üincorporated Creation of working documents, Establishing local demographics ü and through consultations among stakeholders- both local and national level Modification of existing policies to meet the current needs and thresholds

Negative impacts of these codes and laws üPoor implementation is detrimental to operations ü formulating and implementing costs are higher üTransition period is long hence  results to service disruption

Impact of lifestyle choices on people health üThe choices people make may have positive impact as well as negative impacts on their lives üPositive living  improves the health of people üSome choices  leads to increased prevalence of diseases and deaths üThey lead to increased medical expenses üThey have also contributed to increased research in the areas

Changing lifestyle behaviors’ üIncreased awareness on  keeping healthy üPolicy formulation  to curb increased consumption of junk food üInvesting on preventive measures üInvesting in technologies to beef up preventive measures

Theories that underpin health and social care practice ü There an many theories that have been formulated to guide the service providers and to ensure that service users receive maximum support. üSome of these theories include üSocial systems, psychosocial theories, behaviorism, Psychodynamics üPsychosocial theories, Eriknson’s psychological,  Varginia needs theory, developmental theories, such as Freud and psychosexual theory among many others.

Impact of social processes on users ü Different social processes such as gender, culture, education level, religion impacts different on the users of health and social care services. ü  For instance education level affects the understanding level as well as the way a service provider attend to a user üOther social processes may contribute to isolation, marginalization, domination and inequality

Effectiveness inter professional working üInter professional working relationships allows professionals  form different professions to interact and share their expertise üIt foster learning üAgreed outcomes are easily achieved üImproves relationships. üEnsures continuity of  quality care üPromotes resource conservation üAchievement of a  holistic care üFacilitate identification of professional goals

LO4 Development and implementation of health and social care Organisational policy

Roles, responsibilities, and duties üAs a health manager I have an  obligation to help in the implementation of  organization policy üI have to ensure that people work together well and respect and appreciate one another. üI have as well to respect and uphold to codes of ethics and remain honest üI must always remain professional when executing my responsibilities.

Personal contribution to development and implementation of health and social care organisational policy ü Have participated in writing proposals on the appropriate course of action to help provide quality care üExpansive reading and research on existing policies  before initiating new changes ü  Engage in consultations üSharing opinions üI always meet quality assurance standards ü bring my expertise in issues of clinical governance üTake part in sensitizing the members of the public

Recommendations to meet good practice requirements üDefine goals and objectives üDevelop rules and policies üHave clear codes of ethics and professionalism ü effective leadership and governance üAccreditation and certification of the institutions ü training and development üPeer support and positive working relationships üInformation sharing cannels

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