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Male patient 79years full code, Diagnosis: Pulmonary embolism left side, pt on

Male patient 79years full code, Diagnosis: Pulmonary embolism left side, pt on haprin 20ml /h IV, going home with eliquis 10mg po BID, allergies, Morphine itching , Amoxicillin itching, gaebapentin and oxycodone itching , lab: wbc 8.3, soduin 138,Bun 25, Humoglobin 13.7, potassun 4.5 creatinne 1.04, Hematcrit 41.7, chloride 104, PTT- 35.5 platelet 140, carbun 27, BMI 36.40kg/m. Meds taking: acetaminophen 650, apixaban 10mg po, diphenhydramine injection25mg, magnesium sulfate2g/50ml, melatonin table nigth, Zafran injection as needed . Diet Nutrition intake 877.5 and output 210. Lines Drains and airways peripleral IV line ( R) arm. Please I upload files . check for intruction.

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