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Listen to the Harvard Business Review interview with historian Stephanie Coontz

Listen to the Harvard Business Review interview with historian Stephanie Coontz about breaking the work/family deadlock. Write a 500- to 825-word reflection (2 to 3 pages) responding to the ideas presented in the interview and raise one specific piece of information from the podcast, exploring it in greater detail. In your reflection, include how the information represented or conflicted with your own family experience growing up. Compare how information about the history of women entering the workforce is presented in the podcast versus the textbook.
Also, connect to two sources from outside of the course. (One may be the source you used in the Written Assignment 7.) Other sources may include podcasts, books, news articles, journal articles, magazine articles, and/or reports and studies. Cite all references using APA style formatting. See the Syllabus or Written Assignment 2 description for guidance on how to find outside sources. [MO 4.2, MO 4.3]
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