Letter of Transmittal

Unit III Assignment
Letter of Transmittal
Write two different letters of transmittal that can be used in your Formal Proposal in Unit
VIII. Pick two separate problems in your community, and imagine that your business is
well positioned to provide a solution to that issue.
For example:
The School Board of Smoke River Valley, North Carolina, is concerned that its students
are not receiving enough tutoring to ensure their place as a top school in the nation. My
tutoring firm will draw from the local University to provide any child that wishes the
opportunity a chance for one-on-one instruction with a college tutor.
Researching the issue and addressing specific problems will enhance your work. Be sure to
follow the guidelines for a letter of transmittal found in your textbook.
Each letter should be at least one page long and address all the primary concerns issued in
the text. Submit both letters in one document.

Letter of Transmittal

First letter
Following increased levels of students failing to succeed in their schools because of drug use and
early pregnancies, it is prudent to take urgent measures to salvage the situation. These are the
future generations and they will determine the destiny of this community. My organization has
taken adequate measures to ensure that these problems are addressed amicably. Alfam
Foundation has committed itself to ensuring that these challenges are addressed finally. The
foundation will support the program of sensitizing and creating awareness to trigger behavior
change. An estimate of $30,000 will be channeled towards this program to ensure
All other stakeholders are required to support the initiative, as it is a worthwhile course. We have
the responsibilities of protecting and providing a conducive environment for our future
generations. Your financial and moral support is therefore important in ensuring the success of
these initiatives. A community that lives together grows and prospers together.


Second letter
I submit herewith a proposal in support of a research program entitled, “Managing the problem
of high crime rates in North Carolina” to be carried out under my direction. This research
programs is in response to increased levels of crimes in this state. There are appropriate measures
that need to be done to ensure that people in the state live in peace.
In line with this research, I am requesting funding totaling $ 80,000 to cover the entire period
the study will be carried out.
Any questions relating to any technical aspect should be directed to be through the email
address- alexg@mail.com. I believe that establishing the root cause of the security problem is
the best starting point to managing this problem that has affected our economy.
Your consideration of my proposal is greatly appreciated.



The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Science Writing. (2014). Transmittal Letters.

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