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Leadership in nursing-2

Leadership in nursing


Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes. Examples of good leadership can be found in all walks of life. It is likely that you have encountered both effective and ineffective leadership in both your professional and personal experiences, and at some point have been inspired by at least one of these leaders. In this discussion, you will identify your thoughts on a leader you find particularly inspirational.

Choose a leader who is inspirational to you and influences your leadership style. This individual can be a current leader in your field or organization, someone you know personally, or a present or historical figure of note.
Once you have identified this individual, conduct research, and reflect on their leadership style.
Describe a leader you have admired or one that you have struggled with, and explain why. Share this information with your peers. Identify the person’s style of leadership and how it worked in a specific instance. Reflect on a leadership approach you might take if you were made the CEO of your organization, and share your logic for this approach. In your description, you should, at a minimum, address the following questions:

What is the individual’s leadership style?
Why is this leadership style appealing to you?
What are some disadvantages to this style of leadership?
What are the advantages to this style of leadership?
How would adopting this style of leadership positively influence delivery of care?

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