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If a family member needs an ultrasound and comes to your facility, is it okay for you to perform the scan? Why or why not?

Is it okay for you to perform the scan? Why or why not

1. Begin with a title page. Title page should include The Title of your paper, your name, the course number and name, the instructors name, and assignment due date. 2. Page 2 is your abstract. It is a paragraph that summarizes the key points of your paper. 3. Pages 3-5 pages containing the body of your paper. It should have an introduction, key points (body)and conclusion 4. End your paper with a works cited page. Use APA format. Your paper should be typed and double spaced with one inch margins and an 11 or 12point font of your choosing. Please use a common font that is not distracting. You need at least 3references.

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