Lack of proper education on patient with type 2 diabetes

—management of diabetes type 2 is a complex process.

—Promotion of  patient education is important — Patient education empower  patients on —pharmacological therapy, —balanced nutrition — exercises to maintain. —manage effective glycemic control — prevent disease progression or associated complication

—How does lack of knowledge in management of diabetes Type 2 impact; —equitable and efficient care —  appropriate and Timely —Patient safety —Patient centered  care

—The evidence found supports the main reason for increased complications among diabetes type 2 patients is reduced knowledge on coping strategies. —There is no treatment for diabetes Type 2;  patient should be supported  through patient education. (Steinsbekk, et al., 2012). —Patient education empower the patient  with  capabilities that help them overcome any shortcomings that would prevail (Kayshap et al., 2013).

•Effective management of the glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) involves, • attaining  stable blood sugar control •understanding  the food intake and physical activity balance. • •Anticipatory patient education  using teach back  will facilitate lifestyle modification as a routine care especially during the developmental transitions(Reinehr, 2013). • •successful management of diabetes type 2 need heterogeneous interventions including (Stranieri, Yatsko, Jelinek & Venkatraman, 2015); cognitive behavioural therapy, general diabetes education and skills training. This  is associated with significant improvements on emotional, physical and developmental outcome

The purpose is to explore lack  of  proper education in patients with Type II diabetes  to; —Understand socio-economic  impact  for —To  identify barriers to patient education —To eliminate  barriers  using proper algorithm

—Apply  of teach back method to —advocate for effective behavioural interventions —identifying strategies that could fail if specific regimen is not understood —Identify the environmental or even psychological barriers —screening these potential problems, —offers comprehensive training on the appropriate therapies and medications

—The main problem is lack of knowledge about diabetes in the community- especially in young generation —Most people are not aware on ways to manage  or cope the disease —These makes the people to be confused, disoriented, and unsure about the disease

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