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Endometriosis: Lack of knowledge and awareness

Women reproductive health is a complex and delicate system. It is very important to protect it from infections to prevent long term associated healthcare complications. Endometriosis captured my interest because I have witnessed close relatives struggle with the disease. The disease is poorly understood but it primarily affects the female reproductive system. However it can spread to distant organs causing complications such as spontaneous pneumothorax. On further analysis, I have come to realize that endometriosis is a complicated health issue that impacts all aspects of a female’s life. This is because the disease does not only affect patients physically, but it also affects the financial and emotional aspects.  I am interested to explore further this topic to broaden my knowledge in female’s reproductive health which will facilitate effective delivery of care during my clinical rotation and practice (Steenberg, Tanbo & Qvigstad, 2013).

Lack of knowledge and awareness of Endometriosis……….

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