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It is important for nurses to stand up for their profession and the needs of the

It is important for nurses to stand up for their profession and the needs of their patients. In order for this legislation to be successful, nurses must come together as a profession to move it forward and DEMAND it be passed. We must educate our family, our friends, our community groups, and our religious institutions about why our patients are only safe when we are safe. We must stand up and tell Ohio legislators that mandatory overtime is a public safety issue.” (Ohio Nurse, Volume 11, Number 2, April 2018)
How well do you feel you contribute to issues that influence your practice?
Are you able to educate the public related to issues affecting nursing such as:
nurse fatigue
workplace violence
required wearing of ID badges
safe staffing
For this Assignment complete the questions below:
Please familiarize yourself with some current legislation in your state. The issue you select to discuss will also be the issue you will write your legislator in Module Five Assignment.
1.) What is the name of your legislator (Senator/Representative) and what is the issue (include bill number) you selected and why? Locate my Representative (Links to an external site.)
2.) Investigate the contents of the legislation, where it is in terms of being passed or voted down.
3.) List the 5 steps for a Bill to become a law in Ohio
4.) Identify 2 ways to become involved in influencing policy related to nursing practice
5.) Share 2 interesting pearl of information from this sites below
Each question is worth 10 points, include sources for each question

Click on the link below and click on the Resources Tab
Review the valuable links such as petitions, mandatory overtime etc.


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