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Is Heart disease reversible

  1. What sort of language does the writer use? Do the words imply sensationalism or conclusive findings?  Phrases such as “startling revelation” or “now we know” or “the study proved” are clues to whether the report is a sensational one.  Does the author take a tentative approach, using words such as may, might, or could?  What do these words imply?

I evaluate the language used in the publication as sensational.  The author’s choice of

words are simple and appropriate for the type of paper. The structure of the paper is

telegraphic. The prepositional phrase functions and the adverbial  highlights makes the

article more interesting. The use of these words implies that the article utilize emotional

language to arouse clients interest and attitudes.

Is Heart disease reversible

  1. Is the finding placed in the context of previous nutrition findings? Does the article imply that the current finding wipes out all that has gone before it?  Can you detect a broad understanding of nutrition on the writer’s part?  From what clues?  For example, an article about folate and heart disease should say that saturated fat probably plays the major nutrition role in heart disease development…………..

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