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Criteria Fill in the answers in this column.
Demographics: Provide initials
of the RN, officialjob title of
interviewee, and the date the
interview was conducted.

RN, Nurse, 08/08/2014

Required Questions

(answer EVERY question in this section)

  1. Describe your career path
    to your current position.
    Include information about
    education and

I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in nursing for four years,
whereby I focused on sciences and principles of nursing career
practice. I have practiced nursing for 22 years working in
various units, such as Labor, Delivery unit, and Mother Baby
unit. I enrolled for a Clinical Unit Leaders course in one the
units last December to increase my knowledge base.

  1. Discuss the value of best
    evidence as a driving force
    in delivery of nursing care
    at your facility.

Evidence-based practice has become valuable and a driving
force in delivery of nursing care in my facility in many ways. It
has contributed to achievement of the goals as it has enabled
clear and effective communication of instruction. Quality of
healthcare has improved through better communication among
nurses and other health providers; it has enhanced data
collection aimed at evaluating nurse outcomes and helped in
facilitating assessment of nursing competency.

  1. What safeguards and
    decision-making support
    tools are embedded in
    patient care technologies
    and information systems
    that support safe practice
    at your facility?

Technologies have evolved in healthcare over the years.
Various safeguards and decision-making support tools exist to
support safe practice. One of them is the use of IV pump
instead of IV drip in administering of Medications or IV solution.
EHR and pic systems are also new technologies that are used
to enhance service delivery.

  1. Tell me about patient care
    technologies that have
    improved patient care at
    your facility.

Various patient care technologies exist and aim to improve
quality of practice. Some of them are ECG rhythms, blood
pressure, cardiac output, oxygen saturation, and other
measurable data. Other technologies are centralized telemetry

Chamberlain College of Nursing NR361Information Systems in

NR361 Interview Form.docx 7/30/13 LMD 2
system that monitor the state of a patient. The system is able
to relay information to other nurses in the unit in case the nurse
assigned to a patient fails.

  1. What groups of healthcare
    workers rely on you to
    collect high-quality
    information or data and
    how is it utilized?

Nurses are the group of healthcare workers that rely on me to
collect high quality information. I have the requisite skills and
knowledge in data collection and, therefore, able to render
better services. The data is utilized differently including,
research, to understand the health condition of the patient,
and in making decisions concerning the medication of the
patient among many others.
Optional Questions

(Answer only ONE question from the choices below.)

  1. Please tell me what
    challenges you have faced
    in dealing with other
    disciplines who may not
    “understand the needs of

I have faced a number of challenges dealing with other
disciplines that do not understand the needs of nursing. One of
the challenges is insufficient knowledge in other areas
assigned. This deterred me from delivering quality work.
Further challenge is lack of teamwork among the members. I,
therefore, could not deliver quality services. Communication
barriers and different cultural backgrounds have also been a
challenge, since working with other colleagues that come from
different backgrounds brings a cultural diversity complication.

  1. Please share an example
    of how GIGO (garbage in,
    garbage out) impacted a
    decision related to your
    information or data
  2. Please give me an
    example of how the lack of
    collaboration impacted
    your role.
  3. Please describe what a
    typical day on the job is like
    for you.

Follow-Up Questions

(Answer all of these. Please do not ask them during the interview.

Instead, reflect and answer them afterwards.)

  1. How will completing this
    interview impact your
    practice as a BSN-
    prepared nurse? Give
    specific examples.

Completing this interview will enable me understand the scope
of knowledge and skills I have. It will enable me to appreciate
the skills I need to acquire to render my services well. I will be
able to get versed with new technologies available in
healthcare and how they are used to enhance quality

Chamberlain College of Nursing NR361Information Systems in

NR361 Interview Form.docx 7/30/13 LMD 3

  1. Resources (scholarly
    articles or texts). Indicate 2
    scholarly resources or texts
    used prior to the interview
    to familiarize yourself with
    the individual’s
    organization, role, or any of
    the questions you asked to
    make you a more
    knowledgeable interviewer.

Resource #1: .
Ives Erickson, J., Ditomassi, M., & Adams, J. (2012).
Attending Registered Nurse: An Innovative Role to
Manage Between the Spaces. Nursing Economic, 30(5):

Resource # 2:
Rajagopal, N. (2013). Impact of Information Technology on
Service Quality of Health Care Services.
The XIMB Journal of Management, 10(1):79-96.

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