Integration social network based interventions in low socioeconomic patients

Document Type : Nursing Case Study  Paper Format : APA


Diabetes affects people in lower socioeconomic group disproportionately and also experience diabetes – related complications and higher mortality rates as compared to people in higher socioeconomic groups (Greenwood, Young, & Quinn, 2014). This is attributable to poor glycemic control associated with low adequate self management. Proper management of diabetes type 2 will require schedules extensive self management strategies such as consistent monitoring of glucose level in the blood, physical activity, balanced insulin dosages and treatment of hypoglycemia. Complying with and maintenance of these complex regimen among the lower socioeconomic populations is challenging (Fitzner & Moss, 2013).

 Recent research acknowledge that chronic disease management is not solely individual but a collective action where social networks potentially make significant contribution towards improvement of health outcomes in people diagnosed with chronic diseases. However, the exact mechanism of these collective processes and activities within a social network are poorly understood. The study explored the importance of these collective processes to understand its mechanism in improving chronic disease management. Therefore, there is need for effective……………

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