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Instructions usew scholorly peer reviewed resources only Observation Techniques

Instructions usew scholorly peer reviewed resources only
Observation Techniques: Film Analysis
This week, you will analyze a three- to five-minute segment of a movie or a television episode depicting social psychology in the courtroom.
After watching the movie segment, create a three- to four-page report on your analysis. In your report:
Mention the name of the movie.
Describe the setting and overall storyline of the movie.
Describe the main characters in the observed movie section.
Describe the situation that you analyzed and interpret the action of the characters depicting social psychology in the courtroom.
Draw conclusions based on social psychological concepts and theories.
Submission Details:
Name your document: SU_PSY3011_W10_Midweek_LastName_FirstInitial.
Submit your report in a Microsoft Word document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.
Using APA format, be sure to parenthetically cite your sources, and Reference on a separate page.

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