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Instructional Designer/Trainer position

Please provide a detailed bio that clearly represents your relevant work experience as it relates to the Instructional Designer/Trainer position. Bios must include the following:

Description of current positions roles and responsibilities (discuss details of the job that are specific to whats being required in the job description)

Description of public health experience relevant to the SOW/job description (what have you done that is similar to what is being required in the job description?)

Description of educational background (what degree(s) do you have that are applicable to the job; how do/does the degree(s) enhance your ability to do the job?)

Description of relevant certifications (must be relevant to position)


The proposed candidate for the Instructional Designer/Trainer with SciMetrika has a solid background in community institutionalized training through research promotion and knowledge management. He currently holds Master’s Degree qualification in Public Health with a concentration in Community Health Education and Promotion from the Benedictine University, Lisle: Illinois. He is also a Baccalaureate conferral holder from the University of Florence, Florence: Italy. The candidate further holds recognized training programs

With five years’ experience in his field, we believe that our candidate is well-primed to take on new tasks and produce exemplary results. Currently, he is engaged as a Community Support Worker with the Contemporary Family Services, Inc. in New Orleans. Among his requirements are to provide Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training to individuals by customizing their very needs in their unique nature. We believe that the candidate suits and matches all criteria advertised for owing to his exemplary track record.

For starters, the candidate is well-versed in the French language amongst others including Italian and English. He is quite knowledgeable in designing strategies aimed at capacity building in institutions through the promotion of research by channeling concerted efforts alongside Subject Matter Experts, at not only Regional and District levels, but both at the GHSS and national levels. In fact, the level of coordination and exemplary performance was rated GS-13. The candidate has also worked alongside Directors in the Health Ministry to develop, implement, and aid the establishment of key projects in Cameroon by employing his leadership skills to project managers ensuring that projects run unhindered and smoothly at minimal expenses.

It is noteworthy, that of all the aspects that this candidates possesses, the core and almost rare trait stems from the fact that he has taken the time to empower adults through educating them on the wider issues of concern contexts. He has also reinforced the continuity and usefulness of this information by inculcating instructional design in education delivery to make its impact felt and last longer. The candidate carried out a series of research and provided educational training at both the district and global levels in public health systems, community healthcare delivery systems, national health information systems, community health development specialist programs, and community-based disease surveillance and prevention systems in September, 2010.

Also, he was at the helm in steering design and implementation of community outreach and training activities on topics regarding their health, better sanitation at a district level in Cameroon. He further included an extension of the Extended Program on Immunization (EPI) of WHO to eradicate polio and realize favorable maternal health outcomes. Moreover, the candidate provided HIV/AIDS and STI education to participants and encouraged screening amongst individuals. He also did avail his services to diverse groups and public health partners on the Sister to Sister project to educate on sensitive topics, topics that may border on immorality perceptions or may elicit mixed feelings amongst members of the society. These items were geared at empowering women on some of the behaviors that may put them at greater risk of contracting STDs, such as HIV

This candidate has also made his contribution to the development of guidelines for Field Epidemiology programs felt through his contribution as a technical advisor to the Ministry of Health in immunization programs. He advised on safety equipment and procedures, delivery of vaccines and related supplies, enhancing and encouraging capacity building, and training of the human resource. He has also enabled the tightening of epidemiological surveillance systems to control and stop the onset of certain diseases such as poliomyelitis that can be vaccinated. He also coordinated an impactful National Program on disease surveillance as well as implementing the International Health Regulations (IHR). He also provided many insights to victims of HIV/AIDS and STDs through conducting individualized sessions.

The candidate is also a believer in the creation of a unison force through team-building. He led a team that provided technical support to the Health Ministry (MOH) of Cameroon in the gathering, processing, and explicit detailing of their findings (SMLTA) across Africa. He also develops and maintains tracking systems for training and logistical processes to provide consultation and guidance to overall management problems, avoiding/solving problems almost as they occur so as to increase the overall effectiveness of administration

The candidate is also conversant with current quality standards that are needed to maximize customer satisfaction. For instance, our candidate handled drafting Statements of Work (SOW), budgeting for surveillance purposes in DRC-Congo in the year 2010/2011. He also identified contract needs, generated ensuing solicitations such as requests for proposals (RFP) prepared by the current team and provided administration for those established.

Last but not least, some implicit aspects of the candidate’s nature are conveyed hinting out that the candidate is not only skilled Instructional Designer/Trainer but also an inherently hardworking person, a team player, and generally a good problem solver. For starters, a mean GPA of 3.68 is by all means, no joke and paints the candidate as a studious individual who cherishes education to change and challenge retrogressive norms. Furthermore, the candidate is quite conversant with office skills, highly organized and both as a good orator and writer. Every hawk-eyed employer will have now noticed the potential and an invaluable asset that stands before them

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