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In regard to our study of Anderson’s article and the film, The Monuments Men (20

In regard to our study of Anderson’s article and the film, The Monuments Men (2014), please respond to the following prompts in their entirety. I am not asking you to conduct any research. I want you to simply respond to the best of your ability to the prompts found below using what you’ve learned in class and the text of Anderson’s work and the film as applicable. Your response should be thorough in that you should provide specific and relevant examples to support your claims. Use the labels provided to identify each of your responses. (1, 2, 3 etc.) You should always try to limit direct quotes because quotes do not demonstrate understanding. Try to paraphrase and cite the page number from the article. You should only quote those statements that you are unable to effectively paraphrase. When you use quotes, you should always explain them. They are not self explanatory. If you do not cite the source that I provided, you will lose points. Do not use Google. Read the article. The answer is in the article provided. Cite properly and according to MLA.
1. Define how Anderson conceptualizes the nation. Cite the material I provided in the modules. There will be deductions for using other sources.
2. Does the film, The Monuments Men conform or fail to conform to Anderson’s concept of the nation? Qualify your statement: In what ways does The Monuments Men conform/fail to conform to Anderson’s concept of the nation?
3. How can you know this is true? Identify and describe a film scene using at least one film term to support your response in #2. (Include the URL to the clip whenever possible.)
Challenge question (not optional):
4. Why does any of this matter? What are the larger consequences/implications of organizing our world in this way?
5. Works Cited Entries are actually necessary. Please get in the habit of including them. Include works cited entries for the sources I provided-Anderson’s work and the film.
I suggest by considering what nations were represented in the film. How can you know this? Are there moments when the lines (pun intended) are blurred or less clear?
Do the best that you can. I will see your effort.

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