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In a 2-3 double-spaced pages long essay, critically discuss the concept of cultu

In a 2-3 double-spaced pages long essay, critically discuss the concept of cultural relativism in the context of female circumcision/female genital cutting/female genital mutilation. Critical analysis refers to an analysis that goes beyond right and wrong and instead examines an issue from various perspectives and points of view. In this essay, you should refer to specific information and details from the readings and film screenings for this week to discuss whether you find the cultural relativist or the universal approaches to this practice the most compelling.
This video needs to be watched before writing the Essay as it needs to be referenced in the essay-
There are multiple readings including a powerpoint attached which needs to be read before writing the essay. Please refer to study guide when writing the essay as it can be helpful. Please do not use any resource from internet, it strictly needs to be from these readings that will go along with the instructions.

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