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Impact of Standardized Terminologies on Nursing Practice

The applications of standardized terminologies in nursing are important in nursing profession and in nursing practice. This is because they facilitate the nurses to communicate to each other accurately. Additionally, the standardized terms can be coded and measured, resulting in large data base that can be used to validate the effectiveness of patient care places (Matney & Lundberg, 2013).

Impact of Standardized Terminologies on Nursing Practice

 The Nursing intervention classification (NIC), NANDA- I, and Nursing Outcome Classification (NOC) are the standardized terminologies that have captured my interest, and I will use more constantly in my practice.  These terms are recognised internationally and have been integrated into health informatics (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015).  These terms are widely adopted at my place of work for clinical reasoning by the nurses to make patient diagnose, intervention and expected outcomes. This facilitates clinical judgements that are…………..

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